After Lord Karg conquered Princess Anna’s kingdom, he told the princess he didn’t really want to rule it, he just wanted some fun. He would play a little game with her. He would rape one of her handmaids in the town square each day, and she would be made to watch. At the end, his guards would check her pussy. If it was dry every day for the week he would withdraw his army and put her back on the throne. But if her pussy was wet, he would extend the occupation by a week.

Every last day, to her humiliation, her cunt was wet after she watched the rape. By the end of a month, the occupation stretched nearly a year into the future. She didn’t know why she was so slutty – she couldn’t know she was being drugged with powerful aphrodisiacs – but she knew her whorish wet cunt was the reason her handmaids were raped daily.

In the end she did the honourable thing – surrendered the crown to her conqueror, and agreed to become the lowest of his slut wives by marriage.

After the wedding, he assembled her handmaids, told them all how wet she had gotten from their abuse, and told them from now on it would be *them* having fun with *her* in the town square every day…


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