Melody had had a crush on her brother’s girlfriend Kennedy for months, masturbating every night to thoughts of licking the brunette’s shaved pussy.

When Kennedy began hitting on her one afternoon, she thought all her dreams had come true, until Kennedy explained her real reason.

“It’s your brother’s birthday coming up,” she whispered in Melody’s ear. Kennedy’s top was already off, and her tits were in Melody’s face. Melody could barely think straight for lust.

“Did you know your brother has sexual fantasies about you?” purred Kennedy. “I want to get him something special. Would you like to fuck me, Melody?”

Melody nodded that she would. She didn’t understand what Kennedy meant about her brother but she knew she needed those beautiful perky nipples in her mouth…

“Good girl,” said Kennedy. “We’re going to fuck, you and I, and I’ll kiss your pretty little face and lick your pretty little pussy. And I’m going to film it all on my phone. And then on your brother’s birthday I’ll give him the video, and he can watch his sweet little sister tonguing his girlfriend’s fuckhole. How does that sound?”

Melody was torn – repulsed by the idea of posing in porn for the sexual enjoyment of her own brother… but overcome with lust for the half-nude slut in front of her. 

Her brain battled her cunt, and, as so often happened, her cunt won.

“Okay,” she said quietly, and watched as Kennedy set up the phone to record them, and then began to slowly, teasingly, strip Melody out of her clothes…


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