Sabine blushed furiously when the senior partner of the firm hung the picture in her office.  He called it a “motivational picture”, but what it showed was a bare-titted waitress whose facial expression made it look like she had nothing more serious on her mind than a worry that her boobs might not be big enough.

Sabine was a very professional lawyer, and it was absolutely inappropriate that it should be in her office – especially right in her line of view every time she looked up from her desk – but she wasn’t prepared to sink her career by arguing with a senior partner over a trivial decoration, and besides, she had overcome much worse to get where she was.  She just blushed, and ignored it.

But it was right there whenever she looked up, and it was hard to look away sometimes.  Some nights she thought about the image as she fell asleep.   She fancied there were noises coming from the picture sometimes when she was alone in the office, especially when she worked late – a gentle, buzzing, droning sound with the suggestion of voices that she could almost hear.

About a month after she was given the picture, Candy the coffee girl left.  The partners said she’d been reassigned to a new position.   Sabine knew Candy had used to occupy the very office she worked in, but she’d got married or pregnant or something, because she’d ended up giving up her law career in order to get a breast enlargement and accept a demotion to serving coffee.

With Candy gone, a strange feeling started welling in Sabine whenever she went past the coffee machine.   She felt like she should bring people coffee, particularly the men.  She was right there, at the machine.  It was only polite, wasn’t it?

The first men she brought a drink too were very surprised.  After all, it was no secret that behind her back they called her “the bitch”.  But they thanked her, and she found herself so delighted by their thanks that she giggled, a silly, stupid sound that immediately made her blush.  What on Earth was she doing, making such a noise.

But she kept bringing people coffee.  The thought of people unserved bothered her mind.  She started to spend more and more of her day bringing coffees to her colleagues.   She heard the whispers as they stopped calling her “the bitch” and started calling her “the coffee bitch”.   There had been no talk of replacing Candy, so she felt she had to keep going, or men would be without their drinks, which would be unacceptable.

One day she spilled a coffee down the front of her white linen shirt.  Without even thinking what she was doing, she unbuttoned the shirt and threw it away to get the scalding liquid away from her skin.  It was only when she heard the hoots and cheers of the men around her that she realised she now had only a lacy bra covering her tits.   She blushed, and crossed her arms over her breasts hurriedly, but another part of her brain registered how much the men *enjoyed* looking at her tits.  She realised she had been serving them coffee wrong.  Pleasing them was much more than just bringing them a drink.

She started dressing sexier, showing more cleavage, wearing shorter hems.  The smiles and leers she got from the men were encouragement to keep going.  The senior partners began to take her cases away from her, so she focus on the coffee better, and eventually they moved her desk next to the coffee machine.  The motivational picture came with her though.   Now it sat on her desk.  She felt happy by how much more she looked like that girl these days, even if her tits weren’t exposed.

She stopped wearing a bra entirely, and panties too.  One evening she realised that she was the only woman currently working late in the office, although there were still many men around.  Looking at the picture of the girl with the bare tits, Sabine shyly started to unbutton her shirt, and the reaction she got when she brought one of the senior partners a coffee with her breasts exposed let her know she had done the right thing.  From that point on she never concealed her breasts when there were no other girls around.

The senior partners made some more changes at that point.  The last of her cases were taken away, and her title was formally changed to “coffee girl”.  They booked her in for a boob job, which she was very excited about.  Her work was now to surreptitiously look at porn on her computer and discreetly finger her pussy at any time when she wasn’t serving drinks.   She was told to use the male toilets, now, not the female, and to strip completely naked immediately upon entering them so the men could enjoy her.  When there were no women in the office, she began learning to crawl on all fours if she wasn’t carrying a drink, her bare tits hanging beneath her.  

The rapings started after her boob job.  The first was in the men’s toilets, as a co-worker pushed her up against the wall and fucked her from behind.  She had been so horny for so long, fingering her fuckhole every day at work, that she almost screamed with happiness that she was finally being used.  She orgasmed three times around his cock.  

After that the men used her whenever they wanted.  She would normally fuck at least one of the senior partners before going home at night, and another in the morning.  Any time she went to the toilet, at least one man followed her in and raped her cunt until he ejaculated inside her.  They taught her to take the cum they deposited inside her and mix it into the drinks she prepared for the female lawyers, secretly feeding them their co-worker’s sperm.  She wondered briefly if Candy had done this, and how much sperm she had drunk without realising it before starting her new career.  She wished she had drunk more.  She was so happy now.

Eventually one of the senior partners told her that she would be graduating to his private stable.   She would come and live in a doggy cage at his mansion, and serve him coffee, and be fucked, and lick the pussies of all his other little pets, including Candy, who was his last recruit.  She practically gushed with happiness.  She had become the girl in her motivational picture.  This had always been her lifelong dream, she assumed.  

As they led her away, she saw one of the senior partners heading into the office of one of the newer female lawyers, a pretty blonde.  He was carrying her old motivational poster.  It seemed that there would be a new coffee bitch before long…


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  1. I love this premise. Would love a longer series along these lines. Slowly falling from a top prosecutor until she’s having to service the very scum criminals she used to put in jail.

    Feels like it could be somewhere in the same ballpark as a mix between The Parole Officer and Workplace Culture. Love the humiliation of this kind of slow fall from grace of a powerful woman.

    Thanks for sharing.

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