Tori Hamlin is back with a hot new novella of incest and mind control! Make the family of your dreams – whether they like it or not!

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Tori has consistently been one of the most popular authors under the ATR Partnership Program, which aims to present hot new books to ATR readers that match the themes and kinks of All These Roadworks stories. Past titles such as “Kayla’s Corruption” and “Edge” have been runaway bestsellers – and this new release continues the tradition of quality! (Click here to view the full Tori Hamlin library.)

Tori’s newest release, Erica’s Experiment presents a tale of incestuous lust, non-consensual domination, and erotic technology that is sure to please. You can enjoy it as part of the Tori Hamlin “DomCo” universe of connected stories, or read it as a red-hot stand-alone tale!

If you enjoyed All These Roadworks stories such as Titcage, The Etrebor Experiment and Secret Message, you’re going to love Erica’s Experiment! And you can get it right now in the ATR store for only $7.99 USD!

(Click here to view Erica’s Experiment in the ATR store!)


When your family isn’t what you want, make them that way.

That’s how the head of DomCo’s R&D department sees it.

But few people in the world are like Erica.

Erica was born with a gift, an intellect that’s rare even among geniuses. Her gift has given the DomCo corporation tools and technology that seem like magic. Halo Smart Lenses, Brainwashing methods, even an experimental framework that will alter society forever, called Edge.

Everything Erica does serves a larger vision… and now she’s going to ensure that her family serves that vision, too.

Whether they like it or not.


Erica’s Experiment is a novella-length story of incest and mind control.

This book contains themes of MF and FF sex, incest, mind control, orientation kink and science-fiction.

This is a premium release – a novel-length erotic odyssey guaranteed to bring you enjoyment.

As always, my kinks are not my politics. Please enjoy these stories while practicing respect, safety and positive enthusiastic consent in real life.

Upon purchase, the collection will be delivered to you as digital goods via email.  A single purchase gives access to all file formats indicated above.

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