It was the fault of the two stupid bitches that Justin spilt his coffee on his new shoes.

He knew their names, because they kept using them loudly in their infantile argument as they screamed across the coffee-shop seating area.

“Kaitlyn Rose!” the attractive big-titted milf was yelling.  “Don’t pretend to me you won’t become a slut the minute you go off to college!   You are my daughter, and I know you, and I know you have no intention of studying anything other than fraternity-boy cocks!”

“Well, Valerie,” the pretty blonde teen was spitting back.   “If I’m a slut, it’s only because I learned from such a role-model mother.”

That was when Valerie screamed with rage and pushed Kaitlyn, and Kaitlyn stumbled into Justin, and, as mentioned, Justin spilt his coffee.

He ignored their half-hearted apologies.  Instead, he left the coffee shop, went to his van, got some equipment, and waited.   When the women emerged some minutes later, he quietly, confidently, grabbed them by their stupid slut hair, dragged them into the alley, and muffled their surprised screams with chloroform.


They awoke some days later, nude, bound, aware of small surgical scars on their breasts and pussies, and a numbness in their tongues.

“Ah, welcome back to the land of the living, ladies,” said Justin.  “Don’t worry, I’m not going to rape you.  I already did that several times while you were asleep, before I put the microchips into you.”

The women’s eyes widened, and they tried to shout and scream, but with numb tongues they could only make muffled noises and drool.

“Don’t worry, Kaitlyn,” said Justin.  “You’re still going off to college.  Your flight is tonight, and I’ll see that you’re on it.  And I’ve done you both a favour, to help you stay in touch.  Isn’t that nice?”

The women didn’t seem to think it was.  Justin sighed.

“Ungrateful.  Don’t you even want to know what it is?”  He didn’t wait for a response.  “I’ve put a few little devices of my own invention inside you.  Some in your cunt, some in your breasts, some in your anus, and one in your tongue.”

The women looked terrified.   They made pitiful drooling moans again.

“What are they for?” said Justin.  “I’m glad you ask!  You see, several of them are just there to give you pain, by discharging agonising electric shocks into your sensitive areas.”  He held up a black TV remote and pressed a button.  Immediately the girls howled in pain as best they could, and writhed in their bonds, as horrible electric pain zapped first their pussy, then the inside of their ass, then each of their tits.  When it was done, they were crying.

Justin laughed. “I can see you’d do a lot to avoid having that happen again!” he said.  “That’s good!”  

He walked over and stroked Valerie’s hair.  “The rest are pressure sensors, light sensors and chemical analysers.  And they’re wirelessly linked over the internet, to keep you in touch.  For instance, if I squeeze Valerie’s tits…”  He reached down and grabbed Valerie’s left fuckbag and squeezed it firmly.   Valerie yelped at the pain – but Kaitlyn screamed, as the electric shock went off in her tits again.

“Very good, Kaitlyn!” said Justin.  “That’s right!  Whenever anyone squeezes your mum’s tits, you’ll feel pain in your own fuckmelons!”   He went over to Kaitlyn and crushed her right tit in his hand.  Behind him, Valerie screamed as her own boobs were electrified in turn.  “And vice versa!”

Next, he spread Kaitlyn’s legs and shoved his fingers into her pussy.  She moaned, but Valerie screamed again.

“Doesn’t that feel good, Kaitlyn?” he told her.  “I’ve increased your sensitivity down there.  But, in turn, every thrust of an object into your fuckhole will deliver a shock to your mother’s cunt.  And likewise with your anus – getting ass-fucked will get your mother shocked.   Actually, you’ll shock her a little when you shit, too – pressure is pressure.”  He walked back to Valerie, penetrated her slutnest with his hand, and watched Kaitlyn buck in agony.  “And again,” he added, “vice versa.”

“Now, lastly, there’s some sweet sugar to go with all this sourness,” he told the women.  “There’s a little sack of some very nice drugs buried inside you, and you can get it to release some into your bloodstream.  It only takes a very tiny amount to make you very happy, so it will last for a while, but it’s also kind of addictive, so… you’re going to want more of it.”

“You see, Val” he said.   “If those little sensors I put in you detect sunlight on your daughter’s tits or pussy, you’ll get a very slow release of the drug.  You’ll feel pretty good.  And if *any* of the sensors in your daughter detect human sperm, you’ll get a big hit all at once.  When someone cums inside Kaitlyn, it’s going to feel like all your Christmases at once.   And, uh, vice versa.”

He stood back.  “So that’s that!” he declared.  “Now you’ll always know exactly how much of a slut your mother, or daughter, is being, no matter how far apart you are!”  He walked towards the door.  “The bonds will release themselves in an hour.  There’s nothing here that ties back to me.  Your suitcases are packed for college and in the corner, Kaitlyn.  I expect you to be on that plane, or you can expect to receive unremitting shocks until the batteries inside you go dead – which will take a *long* time.”

He left, and as he had promise, an hour later they were free.

They promised each other they would avoid sexual activity, and that they would be good.  They promised they wouldn’t be sluts.

Only, Justin had one last surprise for Kaitlyn.  He’d contacted Kaitlyn’s boyfriend at college, and offered him a hundred thousand dollars to rape Kaitlyn the same night she got off the plane.  He did as he was told, taking Kaitlyn back to his apartment, stripping her nude, slapping her until she stopped trying to scream and then ploughing her cunt and squeezing her tits until he was ready to cum.   As he had been told, he pulled out and ejaculated on Kaitlyn’s face, making sure none got in her mouth.  Then he took Kaitlyn’s phone and sent a single text to Valerie – “I learn from the best” – before leaving with Kaitlyn’s phone.   

Back home, Valerie was crying in agony from the repeated shocks to her breasts and cunt she had just received.  Her slut daughter had broken her promise immediately – and hadn’t even had the decency to let her partner cum inside her, to give her mother that drug that had been promised.

Valerie vowed revenge.   She waited until the next day, when she knew Kaitlyn was due in her first class, and then got out her two favourite dildos and started fucking her cunt and ass mercilessly, occasionally stopping to squeeze her own tits so hard she gasped with pain.

In her lecture, Kaitlyn, already traumatised by what had happened, jumped to her feet as agonising shocks began to go off in her cunt, ass, and fuckbags, and tried to run out of the lecture theatre, crying uncontrollably.  She tripped halfway, and ended up crawling out on all fours as her classmates laughed.

Her boyfriend was waiting for her outside.  She hated him for raping her, but right now her only thought was lashing out at the cruel mother who was torturing her.  “Fuck me,” she begged him.  “Fuck me in the toilets.”

He dragged her into the men’s toilets, stripped her naked, bent her over a toilet bowl, and rammed his cock into her ass.  She was already crying, so the pain didn’t change anything.  She deliberately let her tits be crushed against the porcelain rim of the toilet, taking the weight of her upper body, and she used her free hand to fingerfuck herself as her boyfriend used her ass.

At home, Valerie screamed and masturbated harder, the electric shocks and the pleasure confusing her brain.  She wanted nothing but to hurt her distant whore of a daughter.

This time, though, Kaitlyn’s boyfriend didn’t pull out.  He ejaculated satisfyingly into her anus.

On the other side of the country, Valerie made a high, whining noise as the euphoric drug suddenly flooded through her.  It felt so good.  She orgasmed once, twice, and then let the dildos fall out of her dopily.  This was amazing.  

It occurred to her that she needed to give something back to her daughter.  She staggered nude into the backyard and let the sun bathe her naked tits and fuckhole.

Kaitlyn felt her own, smaller, release of the drug in response, and a blissful smile crossed her face.

After that, their fates were set.  Both women wanted more of the euphoria drug.  Valerie called Kaitlyn and told her that from now on, Kaitlyn had better have a man cum in her at least once a day, or Valerie would express her displeasure by repeatedly squeezing her tits.  Kaitlyn, in response, told her mother that Valerie had better spend her days naked outdoors, and her nights sucking men’s cocks, because Kaitlyn could choose to receive cum in her mouth – which would give Valerie nothing but euphoria – or in her cunt – where the euphoria would be preceded by pain.

Over the next few months, mother and daughter trained each other to be drug-addicted whores.  And when Kaitlyn inevitably dropped out of college and came home, her first act was to greet her nude mother with a kiss on the lips, while pushing a condom full of her boyfriend’s sperm up into her mother’s pussy.  It was okay though, because her mother had saved up a whole bottle of the neighbourhood’s cum for Kaitlyn to drink over the next week…


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