Nikki found it so humiliating to submit to her husband, and so degrading to do the things he told her to do, but there was no doubt between them that she could leave at any time, and she stayed because the orgasms that came from doing everything she was told were so satisfying.  It didn’t stop her blushing, though. 

As far as Nikki knew, no one outside their relationship knew about their D/s situation, and so when her husband arranged a dinner party with Nikki’s old school friends Tawny and Robert, she had thought it would be a simple, relaxing thing.   

But her husband knew more than he was letting on.  On the night of the party, when Nikki asked her husband what he thought their guests might like to eat, he said, “Oh, Robert will have a pasta, thanks.  But the arrangement they have is that Tawny is his slave now, and he picks her meals, and he has said that he would like her to eat your cunt.”

 As Nikki stood in shock, processing the thought that her close friend Tawny was going to be made to lick her pussy in front of two men – and that as slutty as it was, that she was going to be a good little wife and let it happen – her husband said, “Now, I’ve picked out your outfit for the night, it’s on the bed, go and get changed.”

It was no surprise to her to find that the only clothes on the bed were stockings, high heels, and a garter belt.   She blushed as she changed into the outfit, knowing her tits and pussy were on display, but she was a good little wife, after all, so she was already thinking about the most attractive way to present her cunt for her friend’s tongue…


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