Her boss caught Grace embezzling, but he had always had a fetish about Grace’s big-titted frigid sister Kate, and so he offered her a way out. 

He wouldn’t tell the police, he promised – providing that Grace’s sister Kate found herself pregnant to an anonymous man by Christmas.   Grace, selfish and never that fond of her sister to start with, agreed immediately. 

The easiest way would have been for Grace to have her sister repeatedly raped, but she was kinder than that.   She just switched her sister’s birth control pills for fertility drugs, and then spent each day fucking strangers, collecting condoms full of their cum, which she could push up her sister’s pussy each night while she slept.   

By Christmas, her sister did indeed have an inexplicable baby belly.  Weeping and claiming that she had no idea how it had happened, Kate eagerly accepted the offer from Grace’s boss to become his live-in fuckslave in return for having the costs of her pregnancy covered. 

Meanwhile, Grace had discovered the joys of prostitution, and even though her sister was already pregnant, she found that she didn’t want to stop.  There was the question of what to do with all the cum she was collecting – but her boss was preparing all her sister’s meals now, and he promised her that he could see that all the sperm kept ending up inside Kate, one way or the other…


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