The smart noise-cancelling headphones were a great tool in realigning women to their proper places.   She could hear nothing but what the headphones played her.  Microphones on the outside of the ears detected speech, and then respoke the words being said into her ears, with appropriate changes.  

For instance, all uses of her name, or of the words “girl” or “woman”, were converted into “bitch”, “cunt”, “slut” or “whore”, as were any references to dogs, cows or pigs, so as to help her understand herself as on the same level as those animals.   Compliments directed to parts of her other than her body and obedience were changed into insults – “What a good idea” became “Shut up, you stupid slut”.  All references to physical intimacy – “kiss”, “make love”, “hug” – were altered to “rape”, so that “Come here and let me hug you” became “Come here and let me rape you”.  “Sorry” became “You deserved that”.  “Is that okay?” became “Say yes, you dumb bitch”.  When she spoke herself, all that she heard were cow mooing noises, and she soon learned to speak less and less often.

Before long any girl wearing the headphones learned to think of themselves as an animal for fucking.   They no longer expected their opinion to matter or their consent to be relevant.  They saw other women as rape-pigs just like themselves, and understood their sexual organs to be their only worthwhile traits.

The other day Natasha met an old schoolfriend on the street, who she had once liked dearly.  He said something to her.  Her headphones told her it was, “Bitch!  You look like a stupid whore!  Come over here and let me rape you.”  She felt her cunt wetten obligingly at the thought of yet another man who had once respected her fucking her without consent.  Natasha didn’t know if she was happier like this, but men told her she was, and she was only a stupid slut, so she guessed she must be very happy indeed.  


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