Three classic All These Roadworks anthologies are back, in brand new editions!

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Beloved titles Cast A Slutty Spell, Weird Science, and Sex Sells have received a makeover, and now feature a range of improvements that make them better than ever before!

These are all anthology titles, collecting shorter All These Roadworks stories into 60+ page books. All three titles contain all the text from previous editions, and have also received the following improvements:

  • New Covers
  • Typo fixes and formatting improvements
  • Improved EPUB versions

In addition, the individual books have received the following upgrades:

Cast A Slutty Spell (link) collects titles of magic, curses and demons. The new edition includes two new stories – “Combat Bonding” and “Knights of Allure” – and it is now seven pages longer than the previous release.

Weird Science (link) collects stories of erotic experiments, humiliated test subjects, and arousing medicines. In this edition, the “Nightingale Institute” bonus content has been updated with new images, which are both more attractive, and feature slightly less nudity, meaning that this bonus content is now also included in the EPUB edition, and (hopefully) will also be available in versions sold on other platforms including Smashwords.

Sex Sells (link) collects erotic stories from the worlds of pop culture, marketing and sales. The new edition includes two new stories – “The Good Girl Package” and “Slutwear”. In addition, the “Magazines” bonus content has been completely re-created with new images, and features an additional cover. This bonus content is also included in the EPUB edition, for the first time, and will (hopefully) also be available in versions sold on other platforms including Smashwords.

All three books continue to retail at their original price of $3.99 USD.

On top of this, the Collector’s Bundle #1, which collects the first ten ATR story collections at a discount price, has been updated to include the newest version of all books, including these ones. (Click here to view in store.)

The Halloween Bundle, which includes Cast A Slutty Spell and Weird Science, plus They Say It’s Your Birthday and The Ternish Betrayal, has also been updated to the latest versions of all of these books. (Click here to view in store.)

Customers who have previously purchased any of these products from can download the new versions for free using the download link they received at the time of purchase.

All paid All These Roadworks members for the month of September can also download a free copy of the three updated books from Dropbox.

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