Grace came from a devout Christian background, and when she started dating Phillip she was initially worried that he didn’t share her beliefs and values. He seemed frustrated with her insistence on no sex before marriage, and occasionally scornful of her moral stances.

So when Phillip invited her to his family Easter gathering, she was initially sceptical.

“Do they *really* do Easter, Phillip?” she asked. “Like, properly.”

“Absolutely,” Phillip assured her. “They’re very big on it. They talk a lot about how our culture has strayed from the true meaning of Easter. In fact, it’s such an important thing for them I was worried you wouldn’t want to go.”

“Of course I want to go!” said Grace. “It sounds lovely!”

He looked at her sharply. “Are you sure?” he asked her. “The true meaning of Easter – are you *really* sure?”

She rolled her eyes. “Phillip, you know me,” she said. “Of *course* I’m sure.”

And so when the day came, she put on her prettiest dress, and accompanied Phillip in his car.

And at first everything seemed right. She met Phillip’s father, his mother, his uncle, his three brothers and two male cousins, and they all greeted her with extreme warmth and affection. They all commented on how pretty she was, which was flattering, even if it became a little strange in repetition.

And then it all came undone, and the truth of things was revealed to her.

Phillip’s mother had vanished upstairs briefly, to “get ready for the festivities” – and when she came down, she was completely naked, except for a cute rabbit-ear headband.

“Ah, there’s my little Easter Bunny,” said Phillip’s father, and Phillip’s mother giggled in a flattered way, as if she weren’t showing her tits and cunt to the entire gathering.

“What… what is this?” gasped Grace.

“Oh, it’s the true meaning of Easter, silly,” said Phillip’s mother. “Before it got all mixed up with Christianity.”

“Didn’t you understand?” said Phillip, standing behind Grace. “Bunnies, eggs, springtime, rebirth – it’s a *fertility* holiday. And I think we’ve lost the true meaning of that, in the modern age.”

And then, before she could reply, he grabbed the shoulder of Grace’s dress, and ripped it down, dragging her bra with it, exposing her breasts to his family. 

She squealed, and tried to cover her bosom – and that only gave him the ability to pull on the lower part of her dress, and suddenly she was nude, but for her white cotton panties.

“I was surprised when Phillip said you were prepare to celebrate the true meaning of Easter with us, Grace,” said Phillip’s father, “but I have to say I’m delighted, especially given how gorgeous you are.”

“There’s been some mistake,” said Grace, trying to back away. Phillip was behind her, though, blocking her way.

“Oh, I don’t think so,” said Phillip’s father. “A body like that was *clearly* made for breeding. Phillip, why don’t you get her panties off her – and then we’ll see which one of us can be the first to impregnate her?”

She struggled as Phillip grabbed her panties and tried to wrestle them off her. In the end they ripped, and he just tore them from her body, before bending her over the dinner table, ass out. 

Someone put a bunny ear headband on her, and then a moment later she felt a cock forcing its way into her virginal pussy. She didn’t even know which of the men it was.

Across the table from her, Phillip’s mother had likewise been bent over, and was being fucked by Phillip’s father. The older woman held out a hand to Grace across the table.

“Don’t worry, sweetie,” she said. “You’re going to look gorgeous with a baby inside you. I’m a little jealous sharing my family with a such a sexy little Easter Bunny – but not too jealous. I’m glad you get to experience this with us. Easter really is my favourite holiday of the year…. and soon it will be yours too… “


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