If you’re a fan of the hypno-bimbo stories of All These Roadworks, you’ll love this new release from hit author Nel Symington!

The Mansion & Wife Bimbo Bundle contains two hot tales of sexy sluts and bimbo transformation, and you can get it in the ATR store right now for only $3.99 USD! (Click here to view in store.)

This release is brought to you by the ATR Partnership Program, which aims to bring you hot new erotica from fresh, talented authors that fits the kinks and quality you expect from All These Roadworks.

This title includes not one, but two tales of red-hot bimbofication hypno-erotica: Bimbo Mansion (36 pages) and The Bimbo Wife (26 pages). If you love All These Roadworks stories such as “Candy Girls” and “The Brain Eraser”, you’re going to love these!


Bimbo Mansion

The chance of a lifetime!  Kyle is ecstatic when he wins a private tour of Pink Industries’ “Bimbo Mansion” – a luxurious exclusive playground filled with submissive, horny bimbos.

Even better, his girlfriend Jennifer asks to come with him.  She says she’s not interested in becoming a bimbo – but in the face of horny sluts, hypnotic programming, and rising lust, will she retain her determination… or will she surrender to her inevitable bimbo destiny?


The Bimbo Wife

When Kayla married Craig, she dropped out of society.  Now her worried friend Sarah has driven to her country home to check on her – only to discover Kayla has been transformed into a brainless, submissive bimbo!

Sarah aims to free her friend from her bimbo fate – but Kayla has plans, too… plans to convert Sarah to her slutty new lifestyle.

Can Sarah save Kayla – or will she fall prey to the lure of pretty pink thoughts, sucking cock, and serving Kayla’s husband as his newest pet?


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The Mansion & Wife Bimbo Bundle contains 62 pages of hypnotic bimbofication erotica, across two books.

It features themes of non-consent, breast growth, bimbofication, addiction, hypnosis and intelligence-play.

As this is not a book by All These Roadworks, it is not included in either tier of paid ATR membership and will not appear in the free Premium Library.

As always, my kinks are not my politics. Please enjoy these stories of gender degradation while practicing respect, safety and positive enthusiastic consent in real life.

Upon purchase, the collection will be delivered to you as digital goods via email.  A single purchase gives access to PDF and EPUB editions of the bundle.

(Check out the Mansion & Wife Bimbo Bundle in the ATR store!)

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