For their first date, he drove her deep into the countryside and took her for a walk. At first it was a pleasant stroll through nature. But soon Leanna began to realise that she had no idea where she was, or how to get back. That was the point that he, fitter than her, began to speed up and outdistance her.

“Wait! Please, slow down!” she begged.

“You’re boring,” he told her. “I don’t want to spend time around you anymore. You can find your own way home.”

In the distance the clouds threatened a storm. “Please,” she begged. “I don’t know how to get home.”

He looked at her. “Show me your tits,” he said. “I’ll slow down for as long as those big slutty tits of yours are exposed.”

She opened her mouth to protest, then closed it, worried about him just abandoning her. Sulkily, she lifted her shirt and exposed her breasts.

They walked like that for a while, and then he sped up again. She wailed for him to wait.

“It’s your clothes slowing you down,” he said. “Leave them here.”

She looked at him in disbelief. “Then I’ll be naked. I don’t have any spare clothes even back at the car.”

“I’m not interested in slowing down for a bitch who wears clothes,” he told her. “Make your choice.” He began to stride off.

Moments later, she caught up to him, running, out of breath. She was completely naked, her tits bouncing, her pussy nude. Her clothes were a pile of fabric on the ground some distance behind her. He smiled, and led her onwards until she couldn’t have found her way back to them.

The third time she slowed down he passed her handcuffs. “Behind your back,” he told her. She looked at him with pleading eyes, knowing where this was going, but he had no mercy, and watched as she cuffed her own hands behind her naked back. When he took out the collar, leash and clamps after that, she tried to run, but she couldn’t run far. He chased her down, tackled her to the ground, and took the opportunity to fuck her as she struggled on the ground. 

It took her a while after he was done to come to grips with her situation. She cried a bit, cum leaking from her violated pussy, and looked at him as if he might use violence to force her to do more. He had no intention of that. He explained to her he would be leaving in twenty minutes, and she would be left here, nude and handcuffed, to go wherever she thought she could find her way to.

But… if she begged him to attach weighted clamps to her nipples and clitoris, and put a dog collar around her neck and lead her on a leash, he MIGHT take her home.

She begged, and then was horrified to discover he seemed unconvinced. By the time the twenty minutes were up, she was weeping with her need for him to believe her. She had thanked him for stripping her naked, thanked him for cuffing and raping her, and even offering him further use of her pussy, if only he would clamp her tits and cunt and lead her on a leash.

He did as he had said. He led her back to the car. And he could, at that point, have put her in the boot and driven her back to his house and kept her as an unwilling slave in his dungeon.

But instead, he took her back to her own house, and uncuffed and unleashed her, and left her (admittedly nude) on her own doorstep. He looked at her, a cruel, amused look in his eyes that made her unable to forget what she had just agreed to, and had done to her. And he said, “Our next date is next Saturday at 9 am. And if you want to show me that you’re a good girl, I expect you to have bought a butt plug and have it inserted.”

She fled into the house, horrified.

But she had a whole week to think. And remember. And unsuccessfully try and forget how it had made her feel.

She was waiting for him at 9 am next Saturday, outside her door in her prettiest dress. He smiled, and embraced her, and groped her butt to check if she had done as she was told.

She blushed. He found what he was looking for. She was, indeed, a good girl.


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