Jessica was abducted by a man with specific tastes. In the month he owned her, although he kept her naked and leashed, he never raped her. “What I get off on,” he said, “is making you get *yourself* raped.”

He started by giving her bigger, faker tits. The left breast contained a small implant containing a slow release aphrodisiac that would keep her in a constant state of low-level arousal for around a year. The right breast contained another, this time aimed at neutralising any birth control drugs she took, increasing her fertility, and promoting further breast growth and lactation.

He had her name legally changed to “Fuckbunny”, but he made her answer to “Jessica Rabbit” when she was with him, so that she would associate her given name both with the bimbo-like figure of the Jessica Rabbit cartoon character, and also with her new legal name of “Fuckbunny”.

He had her wear a shock collar all month, that gave her small electric shocks whenever she said the words “no”, “consent”, “rights”, “feminist”, “police”, “refuse”, “respect”, and “equality”. It wasn’t picky about which sounds it picked up on, and would shock her also if they were said in her presence. By the end of the month she was actively avoiding situations where someone might say those words around her. It also trained her out of saying “breasts”, “vagina”, and “woman”. He gave her a range of options to use instead. Her preferred alternatives were “tits”, “cunt”, and “girl”, but when she occasionally instead used “rapemelons”, “sluthole” and “bitch”, he would give her a little chocolate treat which she ate gratefully out of the dog bowl he fed her from.

Several times a day he would have her put on clothes he laid out for her, and then get her to look in a mirror. When the outfit was one that looked respectable, professional, or even remotely suitable to be seen in public, he would take a cattle prod to her, shocking her multiple times, with particular attention to her tits and pussy, while ripping the clothes off her violently. At first these attacks would be immediate, but over time he would leave her in them twenty minutes, half an hour, an hour, before zapping her, watching her stress and fear grow as she knew what was coming. In time she began begging to take these clothes off all by herself.

On the other hand, when the clothes made her look like a fucktoy, so no one could even look at her without thinking about using her sexually, she got a treat, and he would stroke her hair and tell her how pretty she looked. “When you look rapeable, you’re almost not worthless, Jessica Rabbit,” he told her.

The final touch was a course of hypnotic conditioning that ran the whole month. It readjusted her social responses, so that gradually she developed an association between disliking a man, and flirting with him. The more disrespected and offended she felt by a man, the more the urge grew within her to deal with it by flirting with and cockteasing that man. 

At the same time, it implanted several other associations within her. She developed a deep aversion to talking to police about sexual assault – she would never report a rape of herself, or anyone else, and would feel the need to tell men that early in her acquaintance with them. She also lost her ability to consent to sex – no matter how much she flirted or cockteased, or even if she actually wanted to have sex, when a man actually initiated sex with her she would be compelled to struggle and resist. Despite this, she was completely unable to bring herself to actually hurt her attacker, remove herself from the situation where it was happening, or call for help.  

When he finally released her, dropping her naked on her doorstep, she cried, because she knew the real abuse was about to begin, and she was going to inflict it all on herself. She crawled inside her house, knowing she had a lot to do today. She would have to throw out all her clothes that didn’t make her look like a rapetoy – she could barely stand to look at them without feeling stressed and scared. She was going to have to have all of her accounts and bills changed into her new name of “Fuckbunny”. And she was going to need to call up all the men she most hated, and invite them out for dates so that she could cocktease them into raping her wet, unprotected, fertile pussy …


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