Sometimes readers of All These Roadworks erotica want to send me money to support the creation of new, free erotica, without necessarily buying anything or receiving anything in return.

This can range from a few dollars to buy me a coffee, through to a significant contribution to recognise the huge amount of content I release servicing niche kinks that few other writers engage with.

If you’d like to make a donation like that, you can now do so easily through the Make It Rain option in the shop. (Click here to view in store.)

The Make It Rain option accepts donations from $5 USD through to $1,000 USD. (I couldn’t set the minimum much lower without payment processing fees eating most of the donation.)

To be 100% clear:

  • Purchasing this item will not result in you owning any e-book or membership.
  • Purchasing this item does not entitle you to any interaction with All These Roadworks or any favoured status.
  • All These Roadworks is not a registered charity and this donation is not tax deductible anywhere in the world.
  • This is not some kind of coded under-the-counter transaction.  Seriously, you will get nothing in return other than personal satisfaction.

I do not expect the average ATR fan to make a donation! But if you have spare disposable income, love my writing, and read tons of my stories, this is a great way to throw some extra cash my way.

Alternatively, just buy a ton of my e-books, or get a membership. Spending $50 on books or $50 on a donation results in the same amount of money in my pocket either way. This is just an extra option for those who might want it.

(View the Make It Rain option in the store.)

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