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Make a one-time donation of money to support All These Roadworks.

Get absolutely nothing in return except satisfaction.

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Do you just want to give money to All These Roadworks for being awesome, without receiving anything in return?

This option is for you.

Use this option to give money to All These Roadworks and get absolutely nothing in return except for the warm glow of knowing you’re supporting the creation of hot new free erotica.

I’ll be grateful!  And your support really does make a difference to my ability to pay the bills, keep the lights on, and keep producing content.

The minimum donation is $5 USD to avoid my payment processing fees eating the majority of it.

To be 100% clear:

  • Purchasing this item will not result in you owning any e-book or membership.
  • Purchasing this item does not entitle you to any interaction with All These Roadworks or any favoured status.
  • All These Roadworks is not a registered charity and this donation is not tax deductible anywhere in the world.
  • This is not some kind of coded under-the-counter transaction.  Seriously, you will get nothing in return other than personal satisfaction.

Donations through this option are once-off transactions and do not renew or recur.  I am happy to refund mistaken donations for any reason if you contact me within a few days of the donation.  Refunds on large donations requested more than a week after payment are limited to your rights under relevant law (as there’s a limit to how much cash I can keep liquid to cover theoretical refunds).