Satinee was ashamed of the size of her tits; she thought they made her look like a cow. A friend recommended hypnotherapy to help her address her shame, and gave her a list of three specialists to try. Eager to deal with her issues, Satinee booked appointments with all three on the same day.

The first hypnotherapist took a corrective approach. “You’re having trouble dealing with your shame because you feel like you deserve punishment that you’re not getting. From now on, when you feel ashamed of your breasts, you will pinch your nipples hard, until the pain is enough to distract you from your shame, and then you will feel appropriately punished and your guilt and shame will leave you.”

The second hypnotherapist took a more positive approach. “You should be proud of your breasts. From now on, when you feel ashamed of your breasts, you will instead take the action you would take if you were incredibly proud of them.”

The third hypnotherapist took a normalisation approach. “Many big-breasted women are perfectly dignified women. I want you to find big-breasted role models for yourself, surround yourself with images of them, and aspire to live up to their example.”

Satinee went home that day and found pictures of buxom women in business suits doing professional things. She felt good about things, and optimistic. She felt so good, she started looking for jobs to apply for.

Things started to go wrong when she was filling out one of the job applications. A thought crossed her mind – “I’m too much of a cow for this job. They’ll look at my tits and laugh” – and immediately her mind flicked over to, “What would I do if I were proud of my tits?” To her horror, she found herself taking off her shirt, taking a photo of herself topless, with her bare tits on display, and attaching the photo to her application. Then, under “best qualities” on the application, she wrote, “Giant cow tits”, and, moaning with dismay, she emailed it to the company she was applying for.

She realised that her shame wasn’t going away – the second hypnotist hadn’t said she should feel proud *instead* of ashamed. She felt her hands go to her nipples and start pinching them painfully. She pictured the HR rep at the company she had applied for seeing the picture of her topless. Her face was red with humiliation.

She was so ashamed. What would she do if she were proud of her tits instead of ashamed? She went to her wardrobe, still pinching her nipples, releasing them only to take a pair of scissors and begin cutting up all her shirts and bras, so she would have nothing to conceal her tits with anymore. She tried to stop herself, but she couldn’t. Then she began dialling her male friends, inviting them to come over for a party tonight. She would be topless; they would all see her tits. They would watch her pinch her nipples until she cried…

Why was she being such a slut? Why couldn’t she stop? She knew now that she didn’t deserve to be a career success. She knew what kind of big-titted slut she was. She went back to the internet and found new role models – women with giant fake tits, kneeling and sucking men’s cocks, letting men cum on their faces. She would spend the afternoon printing these out and sticking them up around her house… so as to give all her friends the right idea when they arrived for her party tonight…


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