They called it the “rape preparation machine”, and its purpose was simple.

For men of particular tastes, it was not enough that raping a girl should be violating and traumatic for her. They wanted to make it even more awful, to make her struggle that much harder.

And thus, the rape preparation machine. It was a simple design – a seat with a hole cut out for the cunt. The woman was tied into the seat naked, with her legs spread and her mouth gagged. A clamp was placed on her clitoris, and an electric pad glued to her perineum. Clamp and pad were both connected to wires, that hung freely two feet below her. 

A thick lubricated dildo was fixed to a pole in the floor, and this was inserted into her pussy. Then the chair as a whole began to rhythmically rise and fall. As it did, it had the effect of fucking her up and down on the dildo. At full insertion, the dildo was quite painful – and also at full insertion, a second effect was triggered.

An electrified metal base plate sat beneath the chair. Whenever the chair came all the way down – and the dildo was all the way into her cunt – the wires hanging beneath her would briefly make contact with the plate, giving her an agonising electric shock right through her cunt, from her clitoris to her anus.  

By the time the girl had spent a couple of hours on the chair, being painfully shocked whenever the cock went into her, she had developed a deep fear reaction to the very idea of her cunt being penetrated. And they didn’t leave her on it for two hours – they left it on her for two days.

By the time the client was ready to actually rape the girl, the wildness with which she would struggle to avoid being penetrated was intensely arousing, and the way her body would shudder on every penetration was very, very satisfying…


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