When Tiffany first abducted Alina, Alina swore she wasn’t a lesbian. She refused to lick Tiffany’s pussy, and shouted and yelled for help.

But the cage in Tiffany’s basement was secure and soundproof, and no one was coming to help. Alina would be trapped there, naked, until she got with the program.

Three times a day, Tiffany would come to Alina, and give Alina a chance to lick her cunt. When Alina refused, Tiffany would discharge a cattle prod into Alina’s cunt, and then leave.

She fed Alina nothing, and gave her only the barest trickle of water. 

It took only a day for Alina to break, and become thirsty enough that she was willing to lick Tiffany’s pussy just for the moisture of Tiffany’s cunt-nectar.

“If you’d just been a good lesbian slave when we started,” said Tiffany, as she contentedly raped Alina’s face, “we could have had a normal mistress/fuckslave relationship. But you had to go and be difficult. So now I’m going to condition you to be as dependent on licking cunts as a baby is on sucking her mother’s tit. You’re going to lap at cunts to drink the same way that a dog laps from a dogbowl.” She sighed happily, and orgasmed against her unwilling cunt-slave’s face. “We’re going to have such fun, you and I, Alina….”


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