The Holy Bride Academy of Tertiary Studies prided itself on being a premium university for women. They boasted, with complete accuracy, that every girl who completed a degree went on to find employment in an influential high-level position. Women from around the globe competed to be offered entry.

But Holy Bride came with some catches. It was a Catholic university, and its rules stipulated that students must adhere to Catholic values. Specifically, if they used contraception or procured an abortion while attending the university or within nine months after leaving, they would be stripped of any degree and be required to repay a substantial financial subsidy that all students benefited from.

They would likewise be expelled if they were visibly pregnant or gave birth while unmarried during this period, but would not have to repay any money. Further, the husband of any pregnant woman was required to be the father of the child, or otherwise a Catholic man approved by the university (although Holy Bride did compassionately run a matching service to help women find such a man).

And finally, they could be expelled for lewd conduct, including but not limited to engaging in pornography, stripping, or prostitution.

The secret to Holy Bride’s exceptional job placement rate was simple. Its goal wasn’t the education of women – but rather their systematic oppression. Over the course of a women’s studies, she was secretly graded by her instructions on a range of hidden criteria – how sluttily she dressed, how easily she deferred to male authority, how much she accepted female inferiority and encouraged others to do likewise, how quick she was to offer sex to men in order to please them. A range of questions were also slipped into formal assessments designed to elicit any feminist opinions the women held.

At the beginning of the final year of a woman’s degree, she was secretly assessed on these criteria, and given one of two grades – Acceptable, or Rejected. 

If a woman was Rejected – because she was insufficiently submissive to men and unwilling to perpetuate the enslavement of her own gender – the university would dispatch a team of masked assailants to abduct her and take her to a rendezvous with one of Holy Bride’s rich male patrons, who would spend an enjoyable weekend repeatedly raping her and filming it, and then threaten to release the film if she didn’t return for regular rapings each weekend that followed.

Most didn’t report their rapes, out of fear of the footage being released. For those who did, the police would find that the professionals used in the abduction left no usable evidence, and without knowing who to suspect had fucked her, even the DNA evidence resulting from an impregnation was unable to determine the culprit.

And most of the girls *did* fall pregnant. They then faced a choice. (1) Terminate the pregnancy, and be expelled from their degree and have to repay a huge sum of money. (2) Carry the baby to term as an unwed mother, and be expelled, but without the debt. Or (3) marry their rapist – whose identity they didn’t even know – or ask Holy Bride to find them an approved Catholic man for a shotgun wedding – and they would soon discover that any man Holy Bride provided would expect a submissive, obedient wife, and would use stern discipline to ensure that she was one.

Those who didn’t fall pregnant would simply find that the footage of their rape had been uploaded to the internet with their name attached. The university would then expel them for being involved in pornography.

Thus, the only girls who graduated were those who accepted their own oppression – and the university’s wealthy, powerful patrons would find jobs for those girls where they would be in a position to act as role models to other women and perpetuate that oppression.

The Dean of Holy Bride thought, with some considerable pride, that it was a very good system indeed – and he took comfort in the knowledge that every last girl who graduated from his university completely agreed.


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  1. This is a great story, would love to read about a student going through their senior year here

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