Verity’s boyfriend had been teasing her all day, leading her into a state of wet-cunted, muddle-headed sexual need, and it was in this condition that asked her, “Do you want to get what you deserve?”

In the grip of arousal and need, she’d told her boyfriend “yes”. She had thought he was going to spank her tits, or whip her pussy, or give her a rough anal fucking, and her pussy had been gushing with lust as he stripped her and tied her up.

But he had meant something different, and now he had left the room and come back leading her lesbian best friend, two of her male friends, and her own brother. 

“I did some asking around,” he said, “to see who thought you’d been a slutty little cocktease with them, flirting and teasing with no intention of following through. Everyone here put their hand up. So now that you’re all tied up, they’re going to take what you’ve been promising them.”

She looked in despair at the group, thought about fucking a girl, fucking her friends, fucking her own brother. This was all a scene, right? She could call “red” and it would end? She watched one of the boys take out his erect cock and walk towards her, laughing.

She didn’t call “red”. She told herself it was because it wouldn’t do anything – this was clearly going to happen whether she wanted it or not. She wouldn’t even try to escape – it would just make it worse. She told herself that was why she didn’t protest… just like she told herself that her pussy wasn’t sopping wet at the thought of what was about to happen, and that she absolutely wasn’t going to orgasm again and again from being raped by her friends and her brother…


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