Anielly’s best friend Dan had parents who were divorced. For the last few years he’d been living with his mother, but when his father returned from a long stretch overseas, Dan moved back in with his dad.

However, Dan’s father had a rule – women were not allowed to wear clothes in his household.

Anielly felt very nervous undressing in front of Dan and his father. She had been friends with Dan for a long time, and it was distressing to see him looking at her tits and cunt and re-classifying her from “friend” to “sex object”.

It was strange and embarrassing hanging out in his bedroom with him, with Dan fully clothed and her completely nude, awkwardly trying to find ways to sit that didn’t emphasise her tits or cunt or ass.

And it was upsetting when, on her second visit, he just pushed her down on his bed, took out his cock, and started roughly fucking her.

But not too upsetting. Because Dan had seen what had happened to Anielly since she had first undressed – that being nude in front of him had made her wet, and she had been getting more flushed and aroused every second by her humiliating vulnerability.

She came back the next day, in the hopes of being raped again, and after she was, they began to talk about how to get Anielly’s own parents to institute the same rule in *her* house…


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