I’m posting notice of two changes I intend to make before the end of the financial year, and seeking feedback from anyone who objects.


The first is that I’m planning to stop producing audiobooks. The existing ones will remain on sale, but I’m planning to not record any more.

The reason for this is simple: money. I’ve recorded 16 audiobooks so far, and none of them have sold well enough to justify the cost of recording them. Over the past 12 months, my total sales of audiobooks were only $40 USD a month, total.

There are certainly several ways I could make the audiobooks more attractive. Fans have suggested a female-presenting voice as narrator, for example. But even assuming that any improvements I made had absolutely zero cost to implement, I’d still need the audiobooks to sell three times as many copies to justify the time and effort of making them, and that doesn’t seem like a reasonable expectation.

In addition, my own recent stroke and minor vision impairment has made recording the books more time-consuming and stressful at my end, which makes it even harder to justify the effort.

I’m particularly seeking input from anyone who has been buying the audiobooks for accessibility reasons, either due to vision impairment or some other factor that makes these audiobook editions uniquely useful. If there were long-time supporters who needed this service, it would be something that might sway my decision.

In the meantime, the upcoming May re-issue of Golden Sins will NOT launch with an accompanying audiobook.

For any feedback or commentary, either leave a comment on this post, or get in touch with me at all.these.roadworks@gmail.com

Novel pricing

It’s a relatively minor matter, but I plan to raise the price of the two full-length novels, Titcage and The Lesbian Debt, from $9.99 USD to $12.99 USD. I’ll be honest that the primary reason for this is simply that I think people will pay it, because these two stories remain in extremely high demand and are exceptionally popular.

But there are two other factors playing into this decision:

1) The novels are significantly longer than the Premium Collections, but the current pricing of these two product groups doesn’t properly reflect that increase in content.

2) Inflation since the books were launched means they were eventually due for a price increase anyway.

I intend to bring the price increase into effect before the end of the financial year. This will NOT affect the availability of these books in the library of books available to Premium Members.

Again, if you think I’m wildly off-base with this decision, please get in touch via comment on this post, or at all.these.roadworks@gmail.com.

With thanks,

All These Roadworks
13 May 2022

One thought on “Two Upcoming Changes

  1. Regarding your audiobooks and having a female voice actor. Do you think it would be at least worth trying out a single story as an experiment and i guess to have somthing for posterity,experience and portfolio.

    If it works you can take it further if you want and if it doesnt then you’ll know for certain that the demand isnt there.

    As for the books pretty sure i already own both so its no big deal for a price increase to me.anyway.

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