Depending on how you saw it, either her father had given her her fetish for being spanked, or she had done it to herself.

Her first experience of masturbation was with a vibrator surreptitiously stolen from an older cousin. Her father caught her using it within minutes of her starting. He hauled her over his knee to spank her for her slutty behaviour – but didn’t remove the buzzing vibrator from her pussy. He stopped rhythmically beating her buttocks with his hand only when she embarrassingly orgasmed in his lap.

Thereafter he seemed to catch her every time she slid the plastic toy between her cunt lips – although, to be fair, Megan always seemed to leave her bedroom door open and turn the vibrator to its loudest setting. Each time he would spank her without removing the toy, and continue until she wailed and squirted and shook with the humiliating force of an orgasm. Often she could feel her father’s cock tantalisingly hard through his pants as he disciplined her.

In time, he began to stop her on the way to her room. He would slip his fingers down the waistband of her panties and touch her pussy. If his fingers came back wet, he would push them into her mouth so she could taste her sluttiness, and accuse her of being on her way to use her toy. There was no excuse he would accept, and a spanking would ensue. There was no vibrator in her cunt on these occasions, but her father would regularly stop to probe her pussy with his fingers, looking for her traitorous arousal, and that was always enough to bring her to the orgasm that signalled the end of her punishment.

When she left home, it made her sex life complicated. For her, sex meant having her bottom beaten. She needed her boyfriends to spank her, but she was always too shy to explain her needs. Instead she developed a persona that was childish, bratty, slutty, always hoping to provoke her lovers into punishing her with a prolonged ass-beating.

In time she realised that there was only one real solution to her problem. Which was how her father came home that night to find his adult daughter naked on his doorstep, visibly aroused, biting her lip and deliberately and challengingly fucking her own pussy with a vibrator…


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