Julie’s uncle Mitch gave her a large stuffed bear for her 19th birthday. It was about four feet high, a gorgeous chocolate brown, and so soft that Julie immediately found it hard to stop stroking its velvety fur.

“I got it at a market in Thailand,” said Mitch. “The woman running the stall kept trying to tell me something about it, but I didn’t understand a word she was saying. I thought you might like it, Julie.”

Julie did like it, and she told her uncle so, and hugged him. Uncle Mitch always liked it when Julie hugged him – and Julie pretended that she didn’t notice that these hugs gave her uncle an erection. She kind of liked the knowledge she was cockteasing him. She would never fuck him, of course – but these teasing little hugs often resulted in Uncle Mitch being generous in giving her “pocket money” or other little gifts.

She discovered the first of the bear’s secrets that night, in her bedroom, after everyone had gone home. While hugging the bear tightly against her, she felt a hardness at the bear’s groin – a hardness not unlike that of Uncle Mitch, when she had hugged him.

A quick investigation revealed the source of that hardness. The bear had a hard plastic dildo attached to it! The dildo had been concealed within a furry sheath, so it wasn’t immediately apparent to a visual inspection, but it was easy enough to expose.

Julie stared at it. Had Uncle Mitch known about this? Surely not – he wouldn’t have dared by her a sex toy for her birthday, would he? This must be what the woman at the stall had tried to tell him, that Uncle Mitch hadn’t understood.

But nevertheless, it was here in Julie’s bedroom. If she got rid of the bear, her parents would ask questions, and they might find the dildo, and then Uncle Mitch would get in trouble. Her regular trickle of “pocket money” and gifts from Mitch might stop.

And anyway – it was kind of sexy, wasn’t it? She liked the feel of the bear’s fur against her skin. Wouldn’t it be nice to cuddle the bear and masturbate at the same time?

Blushing, she stripped naked. Her pussy was already wet at the thought of what she was going to do. She hugged the bear against her, and carefully guided its plastic cock between her wet pussy lips. It wasn’t like fucking a *real* bear, of course. More like… a furry man. 

“That feels so good,” she murmured – and to her surprise, the dildo suddenly buzzed inside her. It wasn’t just a dildo – it was a vibrator! And it felt good.

But it had only been a short buzz. It had stopped. She bucked her hips against it, which felt good, but produced no more vibration.

“Why aren’t you buzzing?” she asked out loud – and as she did, it suddenly buzzed again. She moaned – and the moan produced even more vibration.

It was voice activated. When the dildo was outside of its furry sheath, sound made it buzz.

“This is weird,” she said aloud, and the moaned again as the dildo vibrated inside her. She was actively humping the bear now, bucking against her furrry lover, her pussy wet and her face flushed. 

She had to keep making sound to make the dildo vibrate – and she very much wanted it to vibrate. “Fuck me,” she whispered. “Please fuck me. Fuck my pussy.”

She continued to beg the bear to fuck her, humping it with increasing force, until finally she reached her orgasm – the best orgasm she had had from masturbation in her life.

Over the coming weeks, fucking the bear became a daily habit for Julie. Often she would hump it twice a day. The vibrator trained her to talk while she humped. Sometimes she would beg the bear to fuck her, sometimes she would beg it to rape her. Sometimes she would whisper her nasty, slutty thoughts in its ear – all her most fucked-up fantasies that she would die of shame to tell anyone in the real world. 

She told the bear which of her friends she fantasised about fucking – three of her male friends in particular, and two of her closest female friends. Once she confessed that if Uncle Mitch ever *did* fuck her, she’d probably cum from it. 

What Julie didn’t know was that the dildo and the microphone were only two of the bear’s hidden secrets. She didn’t know, for example, about the cameras hidden behind the bear’s eyes, that were filming everything she did in her bedroom, every time she changed clothes, and every time she stripped naked to fuck the bear. And she didn’t know about its little on-board modem, that uploaded everything its cameras and microphone captured to Uncle Mitch.

Mitch spent that first month masturbating to the footage of his slutty little 19-year-old niece fucking the bear and confessing her most humiliating thoughts. He was compiling the best moments of both the video and audio into a highlight reel.

And very soon he would invite Julie over to his house, and show her the highlight reel, and find out exactly what she would do to keep it secret. He thought he could probably please her whorish little pussy a lot better than the stuffed bear did. 

But he wasn’t a jealous lover. He might even be willing to engage in a little threesome, and let the bear fuck her pussy while she made the dildo vibrate by begging her Uncle Mitch to rape her ass from behind…


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