Jemma had been a lawyer, just like Grant, and Grant had battled against her in court many times. It was always an unpleasant experience, because Jemma was insufferable smug when she won and intolerably bitchy when she lost.

Eventually Grant tired of her behaviour, and sent her a simple computer file which purported to contain vital evidence in her next case. When she opened the file, her screen went white, and her brain went blank.

It took her a week to fully submit. Each hypnotic exposure to the file compelled her to view it again the next day, and each viewing became more addictive than the last.

She found it harder and harder to form coherent thoughts. She found herself staring into the mirror at home, completely naked, and stroking her tits while her mind was filled with nothing but white noise. She was unaccountably horny all the time.

Finally, the treatment reached its apex. She turned up to court with her shirt unbuttoned, no bra to be seen, her large tits in full view of everyone. When the judge asked her to explain herself, her words just trailed off into silence, her eyes went blank, and she lifted her skirt and began to masturbate.

She lost the case, of course, but she also spent a few nights in the court cells for contempt of court, and afterwards she was disbarred. 

That was when Grant came to her, and explained her new life. It wasn’t an offer. It was a statement of fact. He pushed her down to her knees, took out his cock, forced it into her mouth, and told her how her life would go from here on out. Jemma offered no resistance, merely looking up at him with big, grateful eyes as she sucked his cock.

And from then on, Jemma was his office decoration. She went nude at his law office, and each day he would find a place to display her. Sometimes she sat on the couch. Other times she knelt by his desk. Sometimes she would sit spread-legged on the staircase. Always her cunt was wet, and her eyes were blank and submissive. A sign on the wall advised clients they were welcome to slap her if they were frustrated, or stick their cock in her if they were horny, and many chose to do both. At night, she slept in a dog cage near the filing cabinets.

The transition to office decoration did create one small issue. Jemma had an 18-year-old daughter, Kate, who was, if anything, both prettier and bitchier than her mother. But it was a problem easily solved. Grant simply modified his hypnotic file a little, and sent Jemma to show it to her daughter. Soon Kate was taking up a position as the office secretary, wearing ridiculously slutty outfits and flirting with Grant.

Kate didn’t know why she was dressing this way. She knew it wasn’t normal. She knew that she should find something wrong with seeing her mother naked every day, posed as a decoration. She didn’t quite understand why she was suddenly so attracted to Grant, and why she fantasised about both fucking and marrying him. 

But she knew that when Grant finally did fuck her, she wanted it to be where her mother could see it. Because somehow she knew there would be a little light in her mother’s blank, submissive eyes – the light of understanding what she was seeing, and being powerless to stop it.

And Kate knew that seeing that light would make Grant cum in Kate’s pussy. And ever since her mother had showed her the file, there was nothing Kate wanted more in all the world.


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