Ezekiel Donaldson (1867 – 1962) was a very rich man. He also had particular ideas about women.

When he died, he left hundreds of millions of dollars in a trust fund for his descendants, enough to provide a very comfortable income for all his children, and their children, and their children.

For the men, accessing the money was simple.

For the women, it was a lot harder.

Ezekiel left a very specific set of rules that his female descendants had to follow in order to get their hands on the money.

First of all, their parents had to give them legal first and middle names chosen from a long and specific list dictated by Ezekiel, and the girls had to keep these as their legal names at all times.

Secondly, the girls would instantly be disqualified from the trust if they undertook any employment in their lives, paid or otherwise, that wasn’t sex work, stripping, or porn modelling.

Thirdly, they would be disqualified if they ever brought a criminal complaint or civil lawsuit against any man for any reason.

Fourthly, upon reaching adulthood they were required to dye their hair blonde, get plastic surgery to enhance their breasts to at least FF cups, and have the words “I consent to rape” tattooed above their pussy and on the inside of their left wrist.

Fifthly, by their 21st birthday, a “search of the public records of their legal names AND any aliases they go by” was required to be able to locate photographs of their naked breasts with cum on them, their mouth with a cock in it, their pussy with cum dripping from it, and at least one image of them engaged in lesbian sex with a woman. (Ezekiel couldn’t have contemplated the development of the internet or Google, but the lawyers for the trust agreed that a Google search would be the appropriate way for people to find these images.)

And sixth, for each year after the age of 18 that a woman wanted to draw money from the trust, she was required to have done at least one of the following:

(i) Make at least $10,000 from prostitution, stripping, or pornographic modelling;

(ii) Be in the third trimester of pregnancy;

(iii) Enlarge her breasts by one cup size;

(iv) Have sex with a male relative; or

(v) Go the entire year without wearing any non-sexual clothes.

Some of Ezekiel’s female descendants chose to forego access to the trust and lead normal lives – but the majority found the security and luxury of Ezekiel’s wealth just too enticing, and obeyed the rules. This tended to lead to women who had their children at a young age, and such it was Ezekiel’s great-great-great-great-great-great grandchildren who were coming of age in the year 2020.

Jiggletits Cumsock Donaldson (“Jill”) was a descendant of Ezekiel’s who was happily married to Gary, an accountant. In her early years she had worked as a stripper, until marrying Gary and delivering three baby girls within 30 months. Since then she had not worn a strip of clothing, living in their expensive mansion completely nude but for her dog collar and occasional nipple clamps.

Her three girls were her pride and joy. Fuckdoll Honeycunt Donaldson (“Honey”), her eldest, went to university, paying her way through first as a stripper and then, at her mother’s insistence, as an escort. She had initially studied psychology with a view to a regular career, but by the time she was done she had plans to devote herself to methods to help women avoid the trauma of rape by enjoying and accepting non-consensual sex.

Her middle child, Slutbunny Cockholster Donaldson (“Bunny”), started fucking her schoolmates, male and female, at an early age, and fell pregnant three weeks after her 18th birthday, raped by a doctor while recovering from her compulsory boob job in hospital. She was married the same year, half-naked in a slutty see-through white dress, milk leaking from her swollen tits onto her pregnant belly, as her husband said, “I take you, Slutbunny Cockholster Donaldson, as my lawful fuckslave…” 

Bunny followed her mother’s path, alternating pregnancies with boobjobs until she had huge soccerball tits and a brood of children, at which point she gave up on clothes and allowed her husband to chain her to the kitchen sink by day and to the bed by night.

Her youngest, Rapetoy Cumkitten Donaldson, wanted to be known as “Kitten”, but most people called her “Cunny” to make it rhyme with her sisters. She was her father’s darling. At the age of 18 she seduced him into fucking her, and thereafter she would spend most nights sharing her daddy’s cock with her mother, or licking her mother’s tits and pussy for her daddy’s entertainment.

Their father’s fortieth birthday coincided with the birth of Bunny’s third child – a girl who she named Bitchudders Rapewhore Donaldson – and to celebrate, all three adult girls and their mother came together to sexually please him. It was a wonderful day for all, as the daughters fucked and sucked their father, and lezzed off with their sisters and their mother, and at the end of it, they posed nude and kneeling in a line, with Gary’s cum shining wetly on each of their faces and tits, one arm under their boobs to lift and present them, and the other hand spreading open their pussies, as Gary aimed his phone at them to take a photo.

“Say ‘thank you Ezekiel’!” he said.

“Thank you Ezekiel!” beamed the women.

And the photograph came out so well that Jiggletits had it enlarged and hung in the lounge room.


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