The all-girls school no longer used corporal punishment or detention. Studies showed shame was much more effective. The school offered several uniform options. The best performing girls got sharp-looking blazers and cute skirts. The stupider bitches went down through shirt-and-panties only, to lingerie, to slutty swimwear, and finally would end up nude but for nipple and clit clamps prior to failing out entirely.

Sarah was a very dumb girl indeed.

In Anatomy, she had answered the question, “I think with my…” with the word “brain” instead of “fuckhole”, and the whole class had laughed at her.

In Social Studies, when asked to sort pictures from the day’s newspaper into similar groups, she had accidentally put the pictures of women next to the professional men from the politics news instead of the cows and bitch dogs from the human interest articles.

And in Media, she had been only able to think of three ways the women in the porn film Big-Titted Bimbos Sucking Cock deserved to be slapped, instead of the requested ten. She hadn’t even noticed the problem with them orgasming without permission.

Now she was writing “I am a stupid fucktoy” 50 times on the blackboard in front of the whole class while corrective dildos buzzed in her pussy and ass. She would have to do better at learning, or she would wind up flunking out into cheap whore school instead of getting a high paid job being fucked by men who really mattered…


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