In the turbulence of the waves, she didn’t even see which of her supposed male friends ripped off her bikini, so she came out of the water furious, demanding they give it back.

She didn’t yet know how poorly placed she was to demand anything. While she’d been in the water her friends had also hidden her car keys, mobile phone, wallet, change of clothes, and towel, and they were a two hour drive from civilisation. 

They told her they’d give her the bikini back if she first took off her shorts and showed them her cunt. She yelled at them, and swore, and tried to chase them down, but she was one topless girl, and they outnumbered her. Soon the sun would go down and they would abandon her, bare-titted on the beach. Swallowing her anger, she pulled off her shorts and blushed as they made her bend at the waist, part her legs, and spread her cunt lips with her fingers.

Of course, they did not give her the bikini back. They just kept the shorts. They said she’d paid the initial debt, but now there was interest, because she’d been such a difficult bitch about it. They could leave her here, and let her hitch-hike home naked, if she really wanted, or she could let each of them cum in one of her holes, and they would film her doing it and give her back her car keys and nothing else. Driving home nude would be better than hitchhiking, and her other possessions would be waiting for her on her doorstep.

She let each of them fuck her, taking her friends’ cum in her mouth, her cunt, and her ass. When she was done, she stood, defiant, nude, cum dripping from her holes, and demanded her car keys back. They threw them down the beach, to give themselves a head start, and left, laughing.

By the time she found the keys, it was getting dark. She walked back up from the beach to her car. But she found her friends had left her two final surprises. The first was that they had painted on her car, in big letters – “I’m a slut” down the side, over the doors, and “Please rape me” across the bonnet. And the second was that in addition to her wallet, phone, and clothes, they had taken all the petrol from her tank. 

She stood there, naked, shivering, wondering if she preferred to spend the night sleeping nude in a car with an invitation to rape her written on it, or try hitchhiking home bare-titted and bare-cunted at night…


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