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Sluttiness was a source of pride among Britta’s friends. Being whorish showed you were mature, attractive, rebellious, brave, and cool. All her friends had pornographic photo spreads of themselves circulating the internet. They made fun of her relative chastity, saying that no one wanted to see her naked and that she was frigid.

The teasing eventually drove to her to accept the offer of a complete stranger to strip naked on the beach at night. He photographed every inch of her small tits and cute pussy. She watched him upload them to various websites with her real name attached, and then she awkwardly let him fuck her by way of payment.

When she told the other girls, they were sullen and graceless, unhappy that their point of differentiation had been taken away from them. Finally, one girl said, “Well, I’m doing a *lesbian* photo shoot this weekend. I’m going to lick a prostitute’s cunt on camera.” Another girl said, “What’s *really* cool is having a photo taken of you with cum on your face and tits.” A third said, “OMG, my friend got *raped* and the rapist put video of it on the internet. That’s so hot.”

Sighing, Britta knew that she soon she would back at the bottom of the totem pole, needing to do something even more whorish to catch up…


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