At college she had been both a feminist, and something of a prude. She saw women with blonde hair and big tits as both sexually lewd, and as traitors to their gender.  

It was a specific kind of bigotry – she never missed a chance to lecture on how big-titted blondes were brainless cock-obsessed bimbos, or worthless sluts, or dumb man-worshipping fuckbunnies. It didn’t matter whether they chose to look like that – the breasts and the hair were just expressing the jezebel inside. When people argued with her, it made her just dig in further, until the knowledge that these women were nothing more than stupid whores was part of the core of her identity.

Her male friends knew this, in particular the boy she had known as Jake but would soon come to call Master. He laced her drinks during a raucous night at a local nightclub, and when she passed out, he took her home, and kept her drugged for the next two weeks.

When she finally regained her senses, tied naked to the bed in Jake’s bedroom, she looked up at the mirrored ceiling and saw to her horror that she had been given a boob job, and now sported giant, fake, heavy whore-tits. In addition, her hair had been dyed blonde. 

Seeing her awake, Jake entered, and smiled. He took out his erect cock from his pants and placed it near her mouth. She looked at in despair, then up to his face for mercy, then back to his cock. But she had seen what she looked like now, and there was no way around it – she had big tits, and blonde hair, so she must be a cocksucking bimbo fuckbunny. It didn’t matter that she hadn’t chosen them – they were just expressing who she really was. Thinking anything else would mean admitting she had been wrong all those years.

She wasn’t about to start admitting she was wrong. Obediently, she opened her mouth, and leaned forward eagerly to take her new Master’s cock…


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