Kara was the lead singer of an up-and-coming rock band when the new laws came in – and those laws changed everything.

The intent of the laws was to restore “traditional family values” by making women financially reliant on men. They declared a “Female Maximum Wage” – barely enough to live on – and the only circumstances under which a woman was allowed to earn more than the maximum wage was if she was engaged in the sexual exploitation of her body for the entertainment of men.

Kara faced a choice between two unpleasant alternatives. Either she could forfeit the steadily increasing sums of money being thrown at her as her band became increasingly famous and popular – or she could change her act to meet the legislative criteria.

So Kara learned to go on stage naked. She learned to sing while openly masturbating in front of her fans. She learned to fuck herself to orgasm with a microphone during the drum solo solo, and jack off the guitarist during the guitar solo until he ejaculated messily over her face and tits.

And when further laws were passed requiring women earning more than the maximum wage to have a male manager, and to meet certain “male approval” targets, and provide evidence of receiving minimum thresholds of cum in their holes per month, Kara found herself the legal property of her band’s publicist, her sexual services auctioned off to eager fans, fucking multiple members of the audience at the after party of each show.

It was all for nothing, in the end. A fan who she fucked filed a lawsuit against her for being insufficiently entertaining to rape. She lost the case, and the judge ordered her entire assets seized, and reinvested into training and augmentation courses to help her become a more acceptable sex-doll.


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