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Stephanie hadn’t seen her sister Rachel in six months.

Since Rachel had gotten married and moved interstate to live in her husband’s religious community, Stephanie had barely heard from her. Stephanie assumed that Rachel was just in the delirious honeymoon period, happy in her new life with her husband. And sure enough, after six months, she finally got an email from Rachel, inviting her to come up and visit for a week. Stephanie accepted eagerly.

The two sisters had agreed that Rachel would pick Stephanie up from the airport upon arrival, and sure enough, when Stephanie landed, Rachel was there. But something looked different about Rachel. She was dressed in an attractive but modest dress, but balanced on some truly ridiculous high heels. She seemed to be having difficulty walking – more than even the high heels could account for, swaying and tottering with each step – and her face was bright red with a blush.

“Rachel!” cried Stephanie, enfolding her sister in a tight hug. Rachel hugged her back, but when they parted, Rachel was still blushing.

“Are you okay?” Stephanie asked. “Your face is red.”

“I’m just embarrassed by my clothes,” Rachel said, looking down. Her voice sounded strange too, as if she was out of practice at talking.

Stephanie looked at her. “Why?” she asked, baffled. “You look fine.”

Rachel shook her head, and muttered something under her breath. It sounded like, “I’m embarrassed because I’m pretending to be people,” but Stephanie must have misheard.

They went to the baggage carousel, and collected Stephanie’s luggage. Stephanie then left her suitcase and handbag with Rachel to mind while she quickly used the women’s toilets.

Stephanie assumed her sister would look after the bags – so she would have been very surprised to see Rachel quickly open her suitcase, pull out all of her clothes and birth control, and stuff them into a nearby bin, before closing the suitcase again. Then she searched through Stephanie’s handbag, extracted her phone, wallet, and ID, and transferred them to one of her own pockets. 

When Stephanie emerged, Rachel was smiling broadly. “I’ll carry your bags!” she said. “Let’s go drive to my house!”

The religious community was way out in the woods, and the drive was a long one, but eventually they arrived a collection of neat, well-kept houses arranged in a rough circle. Rachel parked outside the nearest, and both girls got out.

There was a dog-house in the front yard. A dirty dog bowl rested in front of it. Within the shadowed interior of the dog-house, Stephanie could see what looked like a rubber dildo stuck to the back wall. Painted on the dog-house in bright pink paint was the name “RACHEL”.

“You have a dog called Rachel too?” she asked her sister.

“Rachel is a dog, yes,” said Rachel evasively. “A bitch, actually.”

Inside, the house was immaculately kept, and decorated with religious imagery. Rachel’s husband met the pair and greeted them. 

“Hello, Stephanie,” he said. “It’s so lovely to see you.”

As he spoke, Rachel went to the fridge and poured all three of them a glass of fizzy orange soda. However, when she returned with the drinks, she appeared to trip, splashing the sticky liquid all over Stephanie and soaking her clothes.

“I’m sorry!” exclaimed Rachel. “I’m such a dumb slut!”

Her husband instantly intervened, patting at Stephanie’s clothes with a dry cloth. He seemed to be focused around her tits, repeatedly stroking the cloth over her nipples, but Stephanie was grateful for the help.

“Ugh,” she complained. “I need to get changed!”

“Why don’t you go upstairs and take a shower?” said Rachel’s husband. “It will be nice after your long trip anyway. Rachel can put these clothes in the wash, and get you out some fresh ones from your luggage.”

“Thank you,” said Stephanie gratefully. She let Rachel escort her up the stairs in the house to the bathroom, where she undressed, stepped into the shower, and luxuriated under the hot water.

However, when she emerged, she was in for a series of shocks.

First, there was neither a towel nor any fresh clothes waiting for her, and her previous clothes had vanished. She called out for her sister a few times, but Rachel didn’t come, so eventually Stephanie was forced to emerge from the bathroom completely nude and wet, attempting to cover her tits and pussy with her hands, and look for help.

She found Rachel’s husband waiting downstairs in the lounge room – and there she got her second shock. Her sister Rachel was completely naked, and was crouched on all fours at her husband’s feet like a dog. She was wearing a dog collar and a gag. Stephanie could now see that there were recent bruises on her sister’s breasts and ass.

“What’s going on?” she asked, desperately and unsuccessfully trying to cover her nudity with her hands, her face blushing bright red. “Where are my clothes?”

“Well,” said Rachel’s husband, “over the last six months, your sister here has learned some important lessons about the role of a woman. She has learned that she is an animal, not a human. She has learned to be silent and submit to her husband. She has learned to stop pretending to be a human by wearing clothes, and instead embrace the shame of exposing her whorish body. She has learned that her consent is mine to take, not hers to give. And she has learned that she deserves to be in pain, constantly, at all times. She really has been a very good student.”

“No!” exclaimed Stephanie, looking at her sister’s face for signs of dissent. But Rachel just knelt there, drooling around her gag. She at least had the decency to be blushing bright red – but was it what her husband had said? Or was it because, Stephanie now realised, Rachel was visibly aroused, with flushed cheeks and diamond-hard nipples?

“Yes,” said Rachel’s husband. “And a couple of weeks ago, we were thinking of ways for her to improve. We play a game, you see, where I tie her to the bed with her legs spread, and I whip her tits with my belt, and I don’t stop until she thinks of a barrier she hasn’t crossed yet, something that will take her further into her proper role as a whore-pet. And then once she thinks of something, I move to whipping her cunt, and I don’t stop *that* until she orgasms from thinking about whatever degradation she has just proposed.”

Rachel’s husband took a sip from a cup of hot coffee he was holding. “Anyway,” he continued, “Rachel’s latest idea was that *she* had learned to be a good slut-wife, but that her *sister* still thought she was a human, and maybe we could kidnap and punish you until you learned to be a good slut too.” He laughed. “It took her a lot of pain in her tits to come up with that idea… but once she did, you should see how *fast* she came from the pussy whipping! The idea of you being raped made her *so wet*!”

Stephanie wailed with horror, her pulse quickening at the word “raped”. “Give me my clothes!” she demanded.

“Oh, Stephanie,” said Rachel’s husband, “Rachel took all your clothes out of your suitcase and put them in the bin at the airport. And she took your phone, money and ID, too. You can run for the door” – which is exactly what Stephanie had been about to do – “but it’s a day’s walk back to the airport, butt naked, and hitchhiking girls go missing around here all the time even when they’re dressed…”

Stephanie felt herself about to cry. “What are you going to do to me?” she asked.

“You’re here for a week,” he said. “And after a week, we’ll send you home, like you planned. But each day that you’re here, you’re going to learn a lesson, and we’re going to talk about how you apply your lessons after you go home. And you *will* keep applying them, because if you don’t, it’s your sister who’s going to suffer. I’ve already told her if we’re not successful in training you, I’m going to send her out to kidnap and rape some other girl, to get more practice…”

And so Stephanie agreed to seven days of lessons.

Day 1 was “Sisterly Love”. Rachel’s gag was removed, and the sisters were taught that whenever they were not doing anything else, they should be tongue-kissing. When Stephanie returned home, she would apply this principle to all her female friends.

At first Stephanie didn’t want to engage in what she saw as incestuous lesbianism, so Rachel and her husband took her upstairs to their marital bed, and tied her down with her legs spread, and then Rachel’s husband began whipping Stephanie’s cunt with his belt. It only took about five minutes of that for Stephanie to agree to make out with her sister, but she got another five minutes anyway, to make sure she wouldn’t think about rebelling again.

The way the sisters were taught to kiss was unlike what Stephanie was used to – it involved sticking their tongues outside their mouth, licking and sucking on each other’s tongues. It produced a lot more drool, so it looked a *lot* sluttier. It felt wrong and strange, humiliating them both. And it made their activity more visible to Rachel’s husband, and after all, entertaining a man was the primary purpose of any sexual activity a woman engaged in.

Rachel turned out to be a surprisingly good kisser – so good, in fact, that Stephanie began to blush as her cunt got wet. She tried to will it to stop, and behave itself, but the experience of pressing naked against her own sister and sucking on her tongue while a man watched was so embarrassing and strange that she couldn’t help herself With each time that her sister’s lips encircled Stephanie’s tongue and she felt Rachel suck on the tongue’s tip, her pussy got wetter and wetter.

At night, she discovered she would be sleeping in the same bed as Rachel and her husband. She was told to reach between Rachel’s legs and begin repeatedly pinching her sister’s clit until Rachel became wet. Stephanie was unsure any woman could get wet from having her clitoris abused, but to her surprise, as she squeezed Rachel’s puffy pink clitoris, Rachel began moaning, and her cunt began gushing with arousal.

Then he made Stephanie spread open her sister’s cunt lips so he could penetrate her fuckhole with his cock, and then Stephanie and Rachel continued to kiss as Rachel was raped by her husband, until finally Rachel moaned loudly into Stephanie’s mouth as she orgasmed, and then a moment later her husband ejaculated into her womb.

Day 2 was “Cleanliness”. In the morning, Rachel’s husband fucked her again, and came in her pussy – and then Stephanie was told to clean Rachel with her tongue.

This ended up requiring another round of whipping of Stephanie’s cunt, as she refused to lick her own sister’s pussy, and tried to run out of the house. There were welts on her cunt by the time she agreed, and she was crying as she buried her face in her own sister’s snatch and began licking her brother-in-law’s cum out of it.

The girls then showered, and licked each other dry afterwards with their tongues. Stephanie discovered they would be expected to lick each other’s cunts and anus clean after using the toilet, to lick any liquids or foods off each other’s bodies that needed cleaning, including men’s cum, and to lick each other’s pussies hourly, on the hour, to clean away any arousal.

The day now consisted mostly of tongue kissing, interspersed with cunt licking. Stephanie, to her embarrassment, made her sister cum several times during these sessions, and then to Stephanie’s horror she found her own orgasm on her sister’s tongue later in the day.

At night, Rachel’s husband fucked her again. He made Stephanie clean Rachel while he was fucking her, and so Stephanie tongued her sister’s clit while her brother-in-law’s dick pumped in and out of her sister’s rapetunnel. When he orgasmed, his cum shot up into Rachel’s womb, and then immediately flowed back out into Stephanie’s waiting mouth.

“When you go home,” Rachel’s husband said, “you will find a woman to clean you this way every day. I suggest seducing and blackmailing a lesbian, but if you have to hire a prostitute, then do so.”

Day 3 was “Admissions”. Stephanie was given limited access to her phone, for the purpose of posting on Facebook – but the posts she was expected to make were very specific. Her first was the simple phrase “my cunt is wet” – accompanied by a photo of her naked, aroused pussy. She wept as she was forced to upload it, knowing that everyone she knew was going to see it. Later that day, she posted the same status, with a new picture of her cunt. Later, the status was, “I have whore tits”, with a photo of her breasts. 

From now on, she was told, she would post social media status updates hourly, and they would be entirely composed of news about the condition or traits of her pussy or her udders. At noon and at 6 pm, she would also come up with a one-paragraph description of a degrading and humiliating sexual act that could be performed on her, claim it was one of her sexual fantasies, and tag someone from her friends list in it. 

And thus her updates continued:

“There is nothing currently stuffed up my fuckhole.”

“My fuckbags are too big.”

“I have just been in the shower so my udders are wet. I fantasise about @Daniel_Clyde beating my tits with a wooden cane until I cum.”

Day 4 was “Rape”, and it started with Stephanie waking up to find Rachel’s husband pushing his dick into her unconscious pussy and beginning to violently fuck her. Stephanie struggled, but Rachel held her down and started kissing her, until Rachel’s husband reached orgasm.

Stephanie’s first picture of the day showed his cum leaking from her puffy snatch, with the words, “My cunt was an acceptable cum-hole for a man this morning.” Then Rachel licked her clean.

When she learned the theme of the day, she thought she would soon be raped by Rachel’s husband again, but it was actually Rachel who used her next, pulling her down without warning onto a bed as they tidied the bedroom together, straddling Stephanie’s face, and riding her mouth to orgasm, pressing her cunt against Stephanie’s non-consenting tongue until Stephanie nearly asphyxiated, and all the while pinching and tugging at Stephanie’s clitoris and nipples in very painful ways.

And then, of course, Rachel’s husband raped her again.

By the end of the day Stephanie was accepting that either her sister or her husband would fuck her whenever and wherever they liked – but that wasn’t the end of it. The last activity of the night, she was told, was that *she* had to rape *Rachel*.

“Make her cry,” he said, “or it doesn’t count. Do you know I keep an electric cattle prod? You must pass this test or I will fuck your cunt with it while discharging it many times.”

Terrified, Stephanie assaulted her sister with relish, slapping her, forcing her to the bed, raping her fuckhole against her sister’s face while slapping and spanking at Rachel’s tits and pussy. It was very erotic, and she was afraid she was going to cum before she managed to make Rachel weep, but she felt the first hot tears against her inner thighs, and Rachel begin to shake with sobs, just in time, and she orgasmed gratefully against her sister’s crying face.

“When you go home,” her sister’s husband told her, “you will trim your list of social acquaintances. You will cocktease all your male friends, and rape all your female friends, until there is no one you associate with who does not abuse you or let you abuse them.”

Day 5 was “Being a Bitch”, and Stephanie was fitted with a collar like Rachel’s, that gave her an electric shock if she spoke out loud, or if she raised her neck higher above the floor than a kneeling position. She learned to crawl naked around the house like a good pet. In the afternoon, Rachel’s husband took both sisters down to the community’s park – naked, on all fours, leashed and collared. Stephanie blushed bright red as the town elders commented on what a good woman she was becoming, and how she was clearly learning to be an obedient, well-mannered bitch, just like her sister. Rachel’s husband threw rubber dildos for them to fetch, and Stephanie and Rachel obediently ran to the dildos on all fours and brought them back in their mouths.

Day 6 was “Readiness”, and Stephanie learned to keep her cunt wet and ready to be raped at all times. This involved a combination of learning to keep a constant loop of low-level slutty thoughts running in her mind, and supplementing it by regularly touching and teasing her pussy. If Rachel’s husband found her with a dry pussy, he would beat her tits and cunt with his belt – but Stephanie found it surprisingly easy to learn this new lesson. By the end of the day, she couldn’t think straight, and would have done almost anything to cum. The thought of being like this every day from now on, forever, was overwhelming. How could she retain any intelligence? She feared that that was exactly the point.

Finally, Day 7 was “Community”. The religious community held a huge party, and Stephanie was the guest of honour. Every man in town fucked Stephanie, using her cunt, her ass and her mouth. There was music and laughter as Stephanie was repeatedly raped. Her sister and her sister’s husband took occasional turns. The whole event was filmed.

Finally, the town elders made the exhausted, cum-covered Stephanie an offer. Either she could go home, and practice what she had learned in the context of her old life, with the video of her gang-rape sent to everyone she knew – or she could stay here, and marry her sister’s husband, to become his second bitch, and sister-wife to Rachel.

Stephanie thought about going back – and the humiliation of being an obvious degraded slut in a world that didn’t find such things normal. She thought about crawling naked at work, and masturbating on public transport to keep her pussy wet, and cockteasing everyone she knew into raping her.

She looked at her sister, who was naked and freshly fucked, with cum leaking from her beautiful shaved pussy. She imagined the taste of that pussy, and the feel of Rachel’s tongue on her own clitoris. She pictured Rachel’s husband raping her as she licked her own sister to orgasm.

“Please,” she said, looking up at Rachel’s husband. “Will you marry me?”


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