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Rachel’s fiancé came from a strictly religious community, and he had warned her she would be expected to be a good, submissive housewife once she was married, but she had laughed that off.

She had stopped laughing when she came home from work a week after her wedding to find her husband and the church elders in her living room. They told her this was a “wife review session”, and encouraged her husband to raise any concerns he had with her.

“She goes to work in clothes I don’t find sexy,” her husband said. “And doesn’t pay enough attention to her domestic duties.”

The elders nodded, and then Rachel watched in horror as they went to her wardrobe, pulled out all her business clothes, and put them in garbage bags. When she protested, they ripped the clothes from her body as well, leaving her naked. All that was left in her closet was her clubwear, evening wear, high heeled shoes, and lingerie. Then they put a lock on the closet door and gave the key to her husband.

“Until you learn your place,” they said, “you are restricted to wearing no clothes other than a kitchen apron and heels. Once you learn your place, your husband may permit you to wear other outfits, but they will be outfits that please him.”

They took her bank cards from her, too, to stop her buying more clothes online. Rachel thought her husband might relent once the elders left, but he was serious. He gave her a skimpy apron to wear that barely covered her tits and didn’t cover her ass at all. She couldn’t go to work in that outfit, so she called in sick for three days, and then afterwards tendered her resignation by phone. She couldn’t really leave the house at all. She complained about her situation to her husband bitterly every day.

At the end of the week, the elders returned. 

“How is she behaving?” they asked.

“She mouths off,” said her husband. “She complains, and she’s ungrateful.”

So they put a gag in her mouth, and told her she would wear it permanently now, except for eating and drinking.

She was bitterly unhappy over the next week. She refused her husband’s sexual advances. When he looked at her questioningly, she gave him a look clearly indicating, “Aren’t you just going to force me?”

“It’s for the elders to decide your discipline,” he told her.

And decide they did. At the review session the next week, when he raised her frigidness, they reminded her that the duty of a woman was to sexually gratify men. “When she is not wet and eager for you at the time you choose,” they told her husband, “whip her whore’s nest and her udders with your belt.”

They encouraged her husband to fuck her right there, in front of all of them, and of course she was not wet, so she wailed as her husband lashed her pussy and tits with his belt, then put lube in her cunt and fucked her in public anyway.

Even once she started trying to be a good and eager fuckpuppet for her husband over the next week to avoid the belt, she wasn’t always wet fast enough – and her husband seemed to enjoy using the belt on her – so she made it a habit to try and stay constantly wet, thinking of pleasing sexual thoughts when she was idle and surreptitiously touching her pussy whenever she could. 

Soon she was floating constantly in a haze of pleasant lust. She found it was easier to be submissive like this, and when her husband still sometimes chose to whip her fuckhole and boobs despite her readiness she discovered the pain was actually quite pleasant and made her even wetter. 

By this stage the gag had made her go so long without talking that she had forgotten she could, and she had stopped entertaining the thought of wearing clothes. 

Nevertheless, at the next review session, her husband complained, “She sometimes thinks she’s people,” and the elders got her to get down on all fours, and put a dog collar on her that they said would give her a shock if her head was ever more than a metre above the ground without her husband’s permission, and then they took her down to the nearest dog park, completely nude, and played fetch with her and fed her doggy treats, to help her adjust to her new place in life…


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