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Makayla had moved into a share-house when she started university. Her housemate was a cute boy named Noah. In other circumstances, she might have been interested in him, but she was determined to focus on her studies, and so she kept things platonic.

Noah had other ideas, however, and almost exactly a month after she moved in, he raped her. She had just showered, and was exiting the bathroom with a towel wrapped around her, when he stopped her in the corridor, pulled the towel away to expose her tits and cunt, and dragged her into his bedroom by her hair. There he pushed her face down on his bed, forced her legs apart and fucked her cunt until he ejaculated inside her.

When he was done, he gagged her and tied her to his bed. An hour later he raped her again, and an hour after that he removed the gag and fucked her face until he had filled her mouth with his sperm.

Makayla went to the police, of course, and Noah was arrested. 

But at trial, he had an unusual defence.

“Your Honour,” said Noah’s lawyer, Clyde Addison, “my client’s defence is that he was literally unable to resist raping the complainant. I will submit that any reasonable person would have done the same.”

“That’s a very unusual submission,” said the judge. “How do you intend to prove it?”

“Your Honour, I’d make an application that the complainant be ordered to expose her breasts and vagina for the duration of the trial, so the jury can decide for themselves if they would have acted differently.”

Makayla blushed. She knew she was an attractive women, and it was a source of some embarrassment for her. She rarely went anywhere without men making crude remarks about how much they’d like to fuck her. They particularly loved her large tits, the size of which was a source of some embarrassment for her.

She looked at the jury. They seemed intrigued by this suggestion. The prosecution had gotten unlucky on the draw, and after challenges there was only one woman – the remaining jurors were all men, and they were looking at her hungrily.

The prosecution jumped to their feet. “Your Honour, I object,” said the lawyer. “Makayla never showed the defendant her breasts. How can this possibly be relevant?”

“Your Honour,” said Addison, the defence lawyer, “it’s our case that Makayla was known to constantly slut around the defendant’s house in a state of undress, tempting him with her body. If the jury rejects that evidence, so be it, but we think they’ll find it compelling, and we’d like them to see what we say the complainant showed my client.”

“I’ll allow it,” said the judge, nodding. “Ms Makayla, please expose your breasts and groin to the court.”

Makayla couldn’t believe this was happening. She looked at the prosecution lawyer. “Do I have to do this?” she asked desperately.

“If you refuse, the case will collapse,” said the prosecution. “You could be charged with contempt of court or perjury, and your housemate could bring civil proceedings against you for malicious prosecution.”

Reluctantly, Makayla unhooked her bra and pulled it out her sleeve, then lifted the front of her shirt to expose her oversized breasts. Then she pulled down her panties, and bunched her skirt at the waist, and sat with her legs spread, her cunt pointed towards the jury. She felt so humiliated, she wished she could die. She didn’t have anywhere to put her panties or bra, so she put them on the Bar Table in front of the prosecution.

There was an approving murmur from the jury.

As the complainant, she was the first to give evidence. Normally she would give evidence from the witness box, but the court arranged a special seat so that the jury could keep looking at her cunt as she spoke. 

The prosecution led her through her description of the rape. She described it in clinical terms.

Then it was the defence’s turn. They took her back through her evidence, but in more detail.

“Tell me, were you aroused when the defendant penetrated you?”

“No,” she said.

“What do you look like when you’re aroused?”

She blushed. “Um… I guess my pussy is wet, and my face flushes, and my nipples are hard, and my pussy lips get sort of puffy.”

“Your face is flushed now. Are you aroused right at this moment?”

“No, I’m embarrassed,” she said.

“Embarrassed by your lies?”

“I’m not lying!” she protested.

“Can you show us what you look like when you’re aroused?”

“What do you mean?” she asked.

“I mean, can you make yourself aroused for the jury?”

Makayla looked at the judge for help, but the judge just said, “I think that would be appropriate.”

Blushing, and with no other option, Makayla began to nervously finger her pussy.

The court was completely, humiliatingly silent as she masturbated. She closed her eyes and tried to pretend she was alone in her bedroom.

“Picture my client fucking you, if it helps you get wet,” said the defence lawyer.

She had no intention of doing any such thing – but of course, once she started trying *not* to think about that, she couldn’t get it out of her mind. She remembered the feeling of being forced down onto the bed and having him shove his cock into her cunt. And – had she told the truth? Had she not been aroused? Or had she, in fact, been a little bit wet after all? He hadn’t needed lubricant…

To her horror and shame, she found herself beginning to grow wet right now, here in court, under the stimulus of her fingers and the memory of her rape.

“Very good,” said the defence. “Please keep yourself aroused for the duration of your testimony, so the jury can see.”

She frowned unhappily, but kept playing with her pussy.

“I’d like the record to note,” said the defence, “that the complainant became visibly aroused while masturbating in front of strangers and thinking about her alleged rape.”

“Noted,” said the judge, and Makayla made a small mewl of shame.

“Now, please describe in detail what it felt like to be raped by the defendant,” said Addison.

Makayla blushed. “His cock was hard – and very warm. I felt it touch my pussy lips, and it was wet at the tip, from pre-cum. He parted my pussy lips, and it went in easily, and then it was inside me. I remember how warm it felt, and how it filled me all the way up. He had his hand on my back, so my face and breasts were crushed into the bed and I couldn’t move. Then he started to fuck me, and on each stroke his hips smashed into my ass, and it made me gasp every time, and the motion pushed me against the bed and kind of dragged my nipples across the sheets in a very distracting way. And he didn’t say anything, and I remember thinking that I felt just like a masturbation aid for him instead of a person.”

Describing the event in such detail was having a strange effect on Makayla. She was getting very warm, and finding it hard to think. Her fingers, which had been stroking her clitoris, were now pinching and pulling at it, and occasionally sliding right up into her fuckhole. She knew her face was flushed and her eyes were half-lidded in a slutty way, and her nipples were diamond-hard.

“Makayla, is it the case that you repeatedly told my client you fantasised about being raped?” asked the lawyer.

“No!” said Makayla truthfully.

“Have you ever *had* rape fantasies?”

“No!” said Makayla again, but this time it was a lie.

“Your Honour, may I have permission to touch the complainant?”

“Permission granted,” said the judge.

The lawyer looked at Makayla. Then he used one hand to grab the hand she was using to masturbate, and pull it away from her cunt. He took his other hand, and pushed his thumb into her open mouth. She moaned – and did nothing to stop him.

And then he lifted one leather-shoed foot, and kicked her in the cunt.

Makayla orgasmed – loudly, publicly, noisily. She made a high-pitched slutty squeal. Her body shook and twitched. And ejaculate squirted from her cunt, drenching the lawyer’s shoe and spattering on the floor.

The jury erupted into gasps and laughter.

As Makayla sat there in utter humiliation, the lawyer walked over the to the Bar Table and picked up Makayla’s panties. He bent over, and used them to sop up the puddle of her ejaculate. Then he lifted them – and pushed them into her mouth.

“The defence rests,” he said, and resumed his seat.

The verdict was swift and unanimous. Every single juror – even the woman – avowed that they would not be able to resist raping Makayla if they lived in the same house as her. The case was something of a national sensation, and all the papers ran photos of Makayla bare-cunted, bare-titted, with her panties in her mouth on the front pages, under headlines like, “Made For Raping” and “Rape Complainant Cums Like Slut – Deserves Rape, Says Jury”. 

Noah immediately commenced proceedings to sue Makayla for millions of dollars, but with the help of a lawyer, the humiliated Makayla negotiated a settlement. Noah would drop the lawsuit – and in return, Makayla would continue to live in the same house with him, and she would “slut around naked” just as he had alleged she had done before the rape.

And, of course, she wouldn’t bring any more rape charges… no matter what happened…


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