She had been very successful in her university studies – until she had stumbled across the strange audio file while randomly browsing the internet.

Soon five hours had gone by as she listened to it, and she hadn’t even realised. A single thought played through her head, looping over and over – “Good little bitch. Good little bitch. Good little bitch.”

She stopped turning up to lectures, instead spending the time in front of the computer, naked, eyes blank, one hand desperately rubbing her pussy and the other squeezing her tits.

Her closest male friend found her four days later, naked, on her floor, eating dog food from a bowl – just like a good little bitch. It became clear she would not refuse any instruction from a male, although being told to cover her tits clearly made her distressed, and she was inclined to crawl on all fours unless told not to.

He raped her, of course, plowing her newly submissive cunt as he thought about what to do with this pretty sex-bunny who was now nothing more than an obedient bitch. In the end, he decided to make her go back to classes in this state for a couple of weeks or so, just so her classmates could enjoy her humiliation, before keeping her as his new pet. He figured he could whore her out occasionally to pay the marginal costs of the dog food she would be eating…


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