All the bars were stocking Rapejuice now, although the distribution agreement provided it was only to be served to women.

Any sensible woman would never go near the stuff. It was the most degrading, irresponsible drink imaginable. 

The alcohol content alone was higher than vodka. A girl could get drunk on a single glass. On top of that, it contained a powerful chemical – part roofie, part aphrodisiac – that would cause a girl to become incredibly horny, unable to think straight, and have trouble remembering events that happened to her while under its influence.

There was talk that the chemical had longer-term effects – that each dose left a woman a little hornier, a little dumber, and a little more suggestible for the rest of her life. There was talk that it promoted breast growth and lactation. There was even talk that it interfered with and suppressed birth control medication.

For a final insult, the makers of Rapejuice openly advertised that every bottle contained 5 ml of the authentic cunt-juices of an aroused woman, and 2 ml of a man’s semen.

No sensible woman would go near it. But teen girls are rarely sensible, and all it took was a glamorous marketing campaign, plus having their parents *forbid* them to drink it, for every girl at every nightclub to want to show off how mature she was by getting hammered on Rapejuice.

Almost inevitably, this resulted in them being raped. Sometimes gang-raped. Sometimes by strangers. Sometimes by friends. Sometimes left nude and covered in semen with no way to get home other than offering to fuck yet another stranger in return for a lift. 

Sometimes they would find photos or videos of themselves nude and moaning as they serviced an anonymous cock circulating on the internet afterwards.

But how could they report it? They had willingly drunk Rapejuice. “Rape” was right there in the name. What had they *thought* would happen? And anyway, they couldn’t really remember exactly what had happened, and they had a vague memory that they had been very aroused and orgasmed….

… and so they went back to the nightclub the next night, or the night after, and when a man that they couldn’t remember meeting smirked at them, and bought them a glass of Rapejuice, they drank it like a good girl, and let their brain switch off and their cunt get wet and let the man do whatever it was to them that he wanted to do…


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