Gia was a lesbian. Her living arrangement with her “husband” Mark was an act, for the benefit of her career. In reality Mark was only a housemate, and their relationship was sexless, although he had certainly had his share of fantasies about his sexy fucktoy of a “wife”.

She paid the price of her act following a dinner party she held for the senior partners of her firm. 

She and Mark were supposed to play a loving couple, but they were snappy with each other – she was annoyed that Mark hadn’t cleaned before she got home, while he was irritable after being kept up half the night by the noise of Gia and her current girlfriend noisily fucking in the next room.

The partners noticed their fraying relationship, and the next day told Gia they wanted her and Mark to go to couples counselling, paid for by the company, with the company psych. Gia bit her lip in frustration and agreed to do it, knowing that pleasing the partners was the key to advancement.

It took some doing to convince Mark to come, but in the end the process was very simple. Gia had expected they would have to talk to the psych together, but instead he talked to Mark alone first.

“Mark,” he asked. “Is Gia sexually satisfying you?”

Mark tried not to laugh and said that no, Gia was not sexually satisfying him.

That was all the counsellor had to ask of Mark. He invited in Gia next, and with her nervous consent, put her into a hypnotic trance.  

She had thought the counsellor was going to suggest she be nicer and more forgiving to Mark. Instead, the counsellor said:

“Each night, when you go home, strip naked on your doorstep before entering the house. Go to Mark and ask him what his sexual fantasies are. Then make them come true, even if they are not your fantasies, or if they embarrass you or humiliate you. You will be aroused and ready for each act he wants to perform. The happiness you feel when you see Mark pleased will outweigh any unhappiness from the process of pleasing him.”

She went home that night with Mark horrified, knowing what she was going to do, but unable to stop herself. When she reached the doorstep, she blushingly started to strip in front of Mark. He protested, but she kept going, and then stepped inside the house wearing only panties.

“Mark…” she whispered, cheeks red with humiliation. ”I want to please you sexually. I’ll do anything you want – any fantasy.”

He paused before answering. “Tonight only?” he asked.

Her face become even redder, somehow. “Every night,” she whispered.

A grin spread across his face. “Well, let’s start with having you fuck me, princess, and then we’ll see where we go from there.”

As she began to reluctantly but inexorably pull down her panties, she felt her cunt start to traitorously wetten, in line with her command to be “aroused and ready”. This would be her first time fucking a man ever. She told herself she wouldn’t enjoy it, that she would stay a good lesbian. 

It doesn’t matter, said her hypnotised brain. It only matters that *he* enjoys fucking *me*… she knew she would be so very, very happy if he did.


It was while she was traitorously orgasming against his cock for the third time that night that he mentioned that his fantasies extended to a threesome with her and her girlfriend. She stiffened in horror, but her mind obediently started working out how to get her lesbian lover into her male flatmate’s bed. Blackmail? Rape?

He kissed her lips, and she orgasmed again…


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