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Melanie had saved up her virginity for her wedding day. She had never even orgasmed, considering it sinful, although her body’s naturally high sex drive and her fertile imagination had given her night after night of increasingly perverted fantasies ever since puberty. Each morning she would punish herself for those thoughts by slapping herself on her cunt and pinching her nipples painfully but the fantasies always returned.

Now that she had finally found a nice boy and had her wedding day set, she was worried about performing on the wedding night. She thought she would be too shy to even undress in front of him, let alone share with him the thoughts that ran through her head night after night.

A friend recommended a hypnotist to her. She liked the thought, and went for a session. Naturally submissive, she went into a trance almost instantly.

“When he sees you in your wedding bed,” the hypnotist told her, “you will undress for him. You will part your legs and make your sex ready for him, spreading it for his view. You will confess to him all your sexual thoughts, and beg him to make the ones he likes come true and punish you for the ones he dislikes. You will do whatever he tells you and it will make you aroused and lustful whether you would normally find it enjoyable or not. And you will beg him to film it all so you always have a memory of your magical wedding night.”

It was a wonderful idea but fate intervened. On the morning of her wedding, Melanie was at the cottage they had rented for the weekend, turning down the covers on the bed they would sleep in that evening, when a burglar broke into the cottage.

He came upon her as she was on all fours on the bed, arranging the pillows. She looked up at him and felt horror take her as her hypnotic trigger was met. “When he sees you in your wedding bed…”

She mewled in distress as she felt herself rising to her knees and peeling off her wedding dress, her bra, her panties, her stockings, as the stunned burglar watched in growing approval.

“Is this an invitation, bitch?” he asked at one point. She wanted to say nothing, but instead she said, “Get out your phone. You should film this.” He did, pointing his tablet at her enthusiastically. She just looked away in shame and kept undressing.

When she was done, she tried to fight the next step, but she knew she had to do it. She lay on her back, naked, parted her legs, and lowered her hand to her cunt, spreading it with her fingers for his view while gently massaging her clitoris. She felt her traitorous pussy beginning to wetten.

“I have fantasised about being raped by a stranger so many times,” she heard herself say, speaking the humiliating truth she had never shared with anyone before. Her eyes were fixed on the little light on his phone that showed it was filming her slutty confession. “I have pictured again and again being slapped in the face, having my tits pinched, feeling a stranger force his cock into my vagina while I struggle. Feeling him cum inside me and fill my belly with a bastard baby. Sometimes he spits in my face or in my mouth. He doesn’t care if I cum myself, but I do, because I’m a slut. Sometimes he abducts me after, and keeps me in a dog cage as my belly grows bigger with his baby and my tits swell with milk like the cow I am. Sometimes he lends me to his friends. Sometimes he lends me to his dogs…”

That was as far as she got, because then he was on top of her, his hand tight on her throat, his cock splitting open her pussy, violating her, stealing her virginity. He slapped her face, and that was when she had the first orgasm of her life. Her second was when he spat on her face, and the third was when she felt him ejaculate his hot sperm up into her unprotected womb. She was sobbing with violation and humiliation by that point, her mind full of the knowledge she was losing her carefully protected virginity to the rape of a stranger, but she still kissed him back when he kissed her, and when he pulled his softening cock out of her pussy and pressed it to her lips she licked it clean obediently.

“You’re getting married today?” he asked her afterwards. She nodded hesitantly. He scooped a handful of their mixed sex juices from her pussy and smeared it over her tits. “Don’t wash it off till after the ceremony. I like the idea of you thinking about the cum on your tits while having your special day in front of friends and family.”

Then he rifled through her purse. “Is this your address?” he asked, holding up her driver’s licence. She nodded. “And this is your house key?” Again, she nodded.

“Go have a nice wedding and honeymoon, Cumtits,” he told her. “At some time after you get back, when your husband isn’t home, I’ll let myself in, and we’ll have fun again. I expect to find you naked and aroused and crawling on all fours, so maybe you’d better make sure you are just always that way when your husband isn’t home. And if you decide to tell anyone about our little arrangement… well, I’m sure your family and friends and soon-to-be husband will be interested in the little video you encouraged me to film…”

He left.

The fourth orgasm was the one she had using her fingers to push the remains of his cum as far up inside her as she could while picturing spending every day of her life naked, aroused, on all fours, waiting for a man whose name she didn’t even know to come and rape her…


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