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Cindy and Kiara spent every day of summer having water fights. 

The girls had an intense lesbian crush on each other, but in their conservative small town, neither of them were prepared to admit it, even to themselves. All they knew was that they liked being near each other; they liked fighting and wrestling; and that the sight of the other girl’s clothes drenched in water and sticking damply and semi-transparently to her skin made her feel very peculiar and pleasant.

At first the water fights were unstructured – just two girls squirting each other with large water-soaker guns. Then they started setting rules.

“You’ve got to get me in the face to win,” said Kiara, laughing and turning her back on Cindy. Cindy would run around her in circles, trying to squirt Kiara’s face, before finally wrestling the girl to the ground and soaking her at point blank.

“You’ve got to soak my shirt until you can see my nipples,” said Cindy on a day when she had chosen to wear a thin white shirt and no bra. Kiara eagerly obliged.

“You’ve got to hit my ass to win,” said Kiara the next day, but when Cindy squirted her butt, Kiara said, “No, my *ass*, not my butt cheeks!” and ran away giggling. Cindy splashed her buttocks a few more times without Kiara conceding defeat, so in the end she chased Kiara, dragged her to the ground, pushed the nozzle of the gun right between her butt-cheeks, and discharged it directly against her anus.

“My swimsuit is protecting me,” gasped Kiara, with a certain flush to her cheeks, so Cindy pulled her swimsuit aside, pushed the nozzle of the soaker *into* Kiara’s anus, and pulled the trigger again.

Kiara said nothing, just gasped sluttily. Cindy was feeling funny herself. She kept firing into Kiara’s butt until the soaker was empty, then kind of pushed the nozzle of the soaker in and out of Kiara’s anus until Kiara suddenly gasped and shook with what neither girl were prepared to admit was an orgasm. Then she removed the nozzle of the soaker, and watched all the water flow back out of Kiara’s anus onto the lawn. The girls looked at each other, blushed, avoided eye contact, and suddenly ran back to their respective homes.

The next day, Cindy called the target as her womb. Kiara looked at her like she wanted to argue, and blushed – but then agreed to play. And as she had hoped, it ended with Cindy lying on her back with her legs spread, the crotch of her bikini briefs pushed to one side, as Kiara knelt on top of her, holding her down as she pushed the nozzle of a water gun up her pussy and repeatedly pulled the trigger.

Cindy couldn’t help herself. As she orgasmed from having her best friend rape her twat with a water pistol, she craned her neck upwards and kissed Kiara on her own pussy.

Kiara jumped up like a shot. “What was that?” she yelled, blushing. “God, Cindy, we were just playing! It’s just a game! Why do you have to be… a lesbian slut? I feel so dirty!”

Cindy coloured with shame and betrayal. She wanted to cry. She ran home and bawled her eyes out in her bedroom – while simultaneously masturbating to the memory of the water pistol in her pussy, and her lips for that one brief moment touching Kiara’s cunt.

Kiara came back the next day though and apologised.

“I’m sorry, Cindy,” she said, sitting in Cindy’s bedroom. “You’re my best friend. And I know our game has gotten… kind of slutty, and that’s my fault too. I don’t want to stop being friends with you and I don’t want to stop playing the game. But… we can’t be lesbians. It’s wrong. Our families wouldn’t understand.”

Cindy thought hard.

“It needs a boy involved,” she said.

Kiara wrinkled her nose. “I don’t *want* a boy involved,” she said.

“What if he wasn’t *actually* there?” asked Cindy.

“What do you mean?” asked Kiara.

“Well, my brother masturbates *all the time*,” said Cindy. “And when he cums, he cums into these condoms he buys, and then he ties them off and puts them in the bin.”

“Gross!” said Kiara. “So what?”

“Well, I’ve been stealing them out of the bin and keeping them,” said Cindy. “And pouring them into thermoses. I must have about four thermoses full of his cum by now.”

Kiara looked at her blankly. “Why?” she asked, baffled.

Cindy shrugged. “Because it felt naughty,” she said. “It gave me a little thrill, to look at all that boys’ cum.”

“So how does that help?” asked Kiara.

“Well,” said Cindy, “how about if we load the soakers with cum? We’ll have to be careful to not waste it, and only shoot when we have a clear shot at the target. But it can’t be being lesbians if there’s a boy’s cum involved, can it?”

“No!” said Kiara eagerly. “It would be okay then, I think!”

“I know, right?” said Cindy. “Only – it might be gross to have a boy’s cum inside you for long. We should clean each other off immediately after the game.”

“Like, with towels?” said Kiara doubtfully.

“I was thinking with our tongues….” said Cindy shyly.

Kiara paused. Her face was flushed. She was clearly aroused. But… “Is it… safe?” she asked.

“Oh, sure,” said Cindy. “I asked about it on the internet, and a bunch of really helpful men told me you absolutely can’t get pregnant if you haven’t actually had sex.”

“Oh,” said Kiara. “Okay then.”

And so their games resumed. The first time Kiara fired a squirt of Cindy’s brother’s cum up into Cindy’s pussy, Cindy orgasmed, and she orgasmed again when Kiara bent down and licked the cum out of her pussy. Later, she returned the favour, firing load after load of semen into Kiara’s fuckhole and then vigorously licking her to a loud orgasm as she lapped up her brother’s spunk.

They played with spraying the semen on each other’s face and tits, and then licking them clean. Each girl liked the taste so much that they allowed themselves a squirt each right into their mouths. Then they went back to firing it up their pussies.

Of course, both girls fell pregnant. When they found out, they had to explain what had happened to Cindy’s brother, and he agreed to say he’d fucked Kiara, because that was less embarrassing for her than the truth. Cindy’s situation – impregnated by her own brother – was even more humiliating, and in the end Kiara’s widowed father stepped in to say that he was the one who had knocked her up.

In their small town, a pregnant girl couldn’t go unmarried, so Kiara married Cindy’s brother, and Cindy married Kiara’s father – making Cindy Kiara’s step-mother, which was weird – but both girls were overjoyed when they discovered that they quite enjoyed being raped by their new husbands, which made them bisexuals rather than lesbians, which was presumably better. And their husbands were very accommodating about letting the girls lick their cum out of each other’s pussies, which made the girls happy too.

They never lost their kink for having liquid squirted up their cunts from the nozzle of a plastic gun, though. Throughout the girls’ pregnancy, the girls were attached to milking machines almost constantly, and each weekend the girls would load their water pistols with their own breast milk and drench each other with it, ending in a wrestling match where they competed to fire the milk directly into each other’s mouths, anuses and cunts. 

 And when both girls had delivered their babies on the same day, and taken two months to rest, their husbands bought them matching dog collars with tags that read “Bisexual Breeding Sluts”, and held a special re-impregnation party where the girls spent all day squirting cum into each other’s wombs….


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