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The RiskMaster line of dildos were infamously slutty – and sold so fast the manufacturer could barely keep them on shelves.

On the outside, they looked like any other plastic phallus. Their genius was in their contents. Each RiskMaster came loaded with complex on-board sensing apparatus, and two internal fluids. 

The first was a chemical that the dildo would extrude when it detected (from pheromones, moisture, and DNA) that it was inside an aroused female cunt. This chemical had two effects. In an ordinary, ovulating woman it would be absorbed through the interior cunt walls and cause a strong euphoric effect together with a heightening of arousal and an increase in nerve sensitivity, causing exceptionally pleasurable masturbation. However, if it interacted with the hormones associated with birth control or menstruation, it instead created an unpleasant stinging sensation, usually forcing the woman to discontinue usage until she was fertile again. 

The second fluid was viable male semen, and if the dildo at any time detected that the woman using it was orgasming, it would immediately ejaculate the semen deep inside her womb, while simultaneously deactivating the mechanism that released the euphoria drug, rendering the dildo nothing more than a hunk of plastic.

Despite how stupid, slutty and risky it was to masturbate with these dildos, women bought them by the truckload, some turned on by the risk itself, others addicted to the euphoric chemical, and still others simply too stupid to make sensible decisions about their pussy.

The success led the makers to consider expanding the product line. Noting the complaints of some women who had impregnated themselves with the toys that it was simply too hard to resist the pleasure, the makers created the RiskMaster Pro line, with added disincentive. These premium devices not only cost substantially more, but came with an “unlock/transmit” mechanism. To get them to work, a woman had to take a photo of herself naked with the dildo buried in her pussy, and submit full identification details including name, place of work, and residential address, at which point the dildo would begin producing its delicious euphoric feeling.

Those details would remain confidential – until the point where the dildo registered an orgasm, whereupon it would publish photo, name, and addresses to the internet, so that the whole world would know exactly which sluts had been stupid and whorish enough to let their cunt overrule their brain and impregnate themselves with a sex toy…


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