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Both the stepsisters had turned out to be colossal sluts. Their father was called in to their school for a difficult and awkward conversation after both girls had been caught masturbating on school grounds in the same week – Abella in the girls’ toilets, and Staci behind the gym.

In the end, he had to take firm action, structured around three key pillars – discipline, correction, and support.

In terms of discipline, he removed the girls’ privacy and privileges. Instead of having their own rooms, they would share a single bedroom and a single bed. He removed the doors from their bedroom, bathroom, and toilet, and removed the curtains from their window. He took away their casual clothes – they could go naked in the house, dressing only in their uniforms for school, or asking politely for a dress if they had a social engagement. This, he told them, was their punishment for being sluts.

Correction required stopping them from engaging in any further masturbation. He took them to a hypnotist, and at considerable expense paid to have them given a set of deep hypnotic compulsions. The most powerful of these made them unable to touch their own pussies, directly or indirectly, or rub their pussy against any inanimate object, which he thought should stop their masturbation. He also had the hypnotist increase their desire to obey their father, and their affection towards each other as step-sisters.

Finally, support. It was natural for teenaged girls to have sexual urges. The important thing was to satisfy those urges harmlessly, in private, rather than publicly at school. He set a simple rule for the girls – they weren’t allowed to get dressed and go to school each morning until both girls had orgasmed. If they still hadn’t left the house by 9 am, he’d begin filming them and sending footage of them naked to their male friends.

At first, the girls didn’t know what to do. They couldn’t touch their own cunts. They looked at their father in dismay. But soon it dawned on them, and, blushing, Staci knelt in front of her stepsister Abella and began to lick her pussy. The shame and humiliation on Staci’s face was a beautiful thing to see, and her father knew that the little slut was definitely learning her lesson. Meanwhile Abella’s face grew redder, her nipples grew harder, her breathing grew quicker, until she finally orgasmed, bucking her cunt uncontrollably against her sister’s face, smearing her pussy juices all over Staci’s pretty eyelids and cheeks.

Afterwards, the girls swapped, with Abella kneeling to service her step-sister’s cunt – and blushing as she found just how turned on Staci had become from tongueing Abella’s fuckhole.  

Over time, of course, the girls realised it was more efficient to 69, and soon most mornings would start with the girls passionately eating each other’s fuckholes to a noisy orgasm while their father watched, proud of his effective parenting…


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