(Author’s Note: This story, dating from my Tumblr days, pre-dates the Arth-Keros stories, for those who can see the similarities.)


The Knights of Allure were an all-women order of questing knights pledged to fight the dark monsters that dwelt in the Forbidden Forest. Twice each week they dispatched a pretty young knight into the forest to hold back the evil.

Of course, the only evil in the forest was a single powerful sorcerer. As each girl entered, he would capture her, spend a week torturing her, raping her, and bending her to his will, before placing a simple geas on her and sending her back.

Under the geas, she would return to the Knights, tell them a wholly fictional account of her heroic struggles against the forces of the struggle, and do everything in her power to convince them to send more young girls in to contend with it. And then each night the geas would compel her to masturbate while remembering the abuse inflicted on her, or while picturing the rape of the next pretty young thing to go in her place.

As more and more of the Knights became slaves to the geas, it began to affect their decision-making. The uniform of the Knights became steadily sluttier and less practical, showing off boob and ass and making each girl look like a pretty little fucktoy instead of a warrior. Training more and more often emphasised “sisterhood” (prolonged sessions of public lesbian sex between Knights), “readiness” (preparation of the cunt for raping through frequent public masturbation and penetration with thick dildos), and “generosity” (making oneself available for the sexual gratification of travelling strangers).

In the end the Knights didn’t even need the geas to serve their sorcerous master, and their real task became merely the abduction of a constant stream of girls to unwillingly join his degraded harem…


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