The thing about May was, despite everything that happened, she wasn’t raped, and in the end it affected her far more deeply than if she had been.

May was out clubbing with her friend Karli, a young mother, when they were both abducted, and taken to their abductor’s remote property.

At first it seemed like their abductor was focused on raping May. He seemed to like her face, her ass, the shape of her tits. But when he stripped Karli nude, he discovered that Karli was lactating, and his attention changed immediately.

Over the next 48 hours he fucked Karli nine times. Each time he would milk her as he fucked her, whether she had milk to express or not, and make her moo like a cow as he violated her pussy.

He made May kneel, facing a wall, as he fucked her friend. She only got glimpses of her friend being fucked and milked, which seared themselves into her brain. In addition, he put a large vibrating dildo into May’s cunt, and little clamped weights on May’s nipples, all of which appeared to be linked wirelessly to something he was carrying. The vibrator would buzz ceaselessly in her pussy, but when her abuser was in the room, the buzzing would intensify significantly, and the weights on her nipples would vibrate too, making her moan. When he went away, the vibrator would give her occasional little painful electric shocks in her cunt. The stimulation of her pussy was constant – except that the evil little device could somehow detect when she was nearing orgasm, and would shut down just before she could reach her release, waiting for her to cool down before it started up again.

“You can cum if your friend does,” her abuser told her, and that was his only interaction with her other than twice to wipe his cock clean on her face after raping her friend.

At first the situation was horrible for May. She hated her abuser, and wept for her friend. But a little seed was stuck in her mind – why didn’t the man want to rape *her*? Wasn’t she pretty enough?

By the third time Karli was being fucked, though, May’s thought process had changed. She was so wet, so stupid from being horny for so long. She silently begged Karli to cum from being raped. But just like on the first two occasions, she did not.

By the time of Karli’s fifth fucking, May was talking to Karli out loud between visits of their abductor. “Please, Karli, please, just try and cum from it. For me. I need you to cum.” She felt the vibrator quicken in her pussy, heralding the approach of her abuser, and she bounced with joy. 

Karli still did not cum, however, and May began to grow angry at her friend. “You stupid slut, why can’t you cum? Just wiggle your cunt against him like the dumb slut you are until you cum. Do you know what I’d give to have him fuck me right now? God, I need to cum, and you are being such a stupid *bitch* about this…”

After the ninth time, Karli still hadn’t orgasmed from her rape. May begged their captor to rape Karli one more time, just one, and maybe she would cum, but instead their captor unbound them, drove them blindfolded to a location near their house, and let them free.

May could not forget what had happened, though, or how she had felt. Every night, she found herself masturbating to the thought of her friend getting fucked. She squeezed her own tits, hoping to stimulate them to produce milk so next time *she* would be the one to have the attention. She fantasised simultaneously about being raped herself, watching someone rape Karli, or raping Karli herself. She cried as she masturbated, knowing how fucked up she had become, but she couldn’t help herself. And yet, each time she neared orgasm, she found herself unable to continue. She didn’t *deserve* to cum, she knew, because Karli hadn’t cum. Sometimes she screamed with frustration.

It was a month after their abduction that the box arrived on her doorstep. Inside was a USB, and on it was film of Karli, showing her naked and being fucked in the abductor’s house. A note attached said, “Friends should blackmail friends. Have fun.”

May squeezed her tits – now wonderfully beginning to leak milk after a month of stimulation – and thought about what Karli might do to not have this footage shared with the world. She thought about who Karli might fuck. She thought that Karli might be willing to engage in a long series of experiments to discover exactly what kind of rape *would* make her orgasm… May’s hand dipped to her pussy. She thought she and Karli might make a wonderful little pair of cows together, and if Karli was very, very good, she might be enough of a slut to let May finally – *finally* – cum herself…


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