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Of course her pussy was bare – didn’t her teacher understand? None of the *popular* girls wore panties anymore. She herself had led chants laughing at the prudish bitches who still put on granny knickers. Sure, when the boys flipped up her skirt and fingered her pussy at lunch, she blushed, and felt confused and humiliated and a little violated, but that was a small price to pay for being on top of the latest fashions. None of her friends would be caught dead in underwear.

The teachers were having trouble knowing how to handle the new fashion. At first when they caught girls with no panties they had sent them home, but the popular clique had organised a protest in solidarity – any girl who was sent home took off her skirt as well, and skipped home completely bare-cunted and bare-assed. The teachers turned bright, embarrassed red when they saw it, and didn’t enjoy the calls they got from parents who wanted to know why their daughter had come home half-naked.

So now they were keeping the girls in after school, only that didn’t work either, as the girls would sit there, flashing their shaved, wet cunts at their teachers.

Cali was unlucky – or lucky – enough to be the first girl to frustrate a teacher enough to make him lose control. When her English teacher caught her bare-cunted, he lost it completely. He dragged her up to the front of the class, lifted her skirt to show everyone, and asked her if being a slut was really what she wanted. She didn’t know what to say, so she just spread her legs to give everyone a better look.

That was when her teacher, his face bright red, began to spank her pussy. He hit her hard with the flat of his hand right between the legs, and again, and again. Cali, shocked, didn’t even close her legs, she just let it happen. As he kept spanking, the whole class was silent, not believing what was happening, watching Cali’s pussy getting slapped hard, watching it get pouty and wet, watching Cali start to moan sluttishly, and finally watching as a particularly hard blow to her young fuckhole made Cali orgasm, wailing and squirting liquid all over the classroom floor.

There was a long silence after that, as everyone present took in Cali’s flushed orgasmic face, her dripping twat, and the teacher’s erect cock pressing against his pants. The teacher clearly didn’t know what to do, so Cali just went back to her seat, sat down – and then very deliberately spread her legs to show her still-naked cunt.

The next day the number of girls choosing not to wear underwear doubled…


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