Princess Aimee was adamant that she was going to be a warrior – not just some piece of property to be married off for the kingdom’s political gain.

She was so adamant that her parents eventually gave in, and turned her over to the castle swordsmaster.

Aimee was so glad to be learning to fight that she never questioned the swordmaster’s advice to fight with her tits and cunt exposed. And she never wondered whether what she was learning was actually effective.

And so, whenever the kingdom got into a diplomatic incident with another nation, Aimee’s parents would have a little chat with the other nation’s rulers. Then they would have Aimee challenge a prince of that nation to a duel.

These duels always went the same way. Aimee – breasts bare, pussy and ass exposed – would swagger out onto the duelling field, spitting insults at her opponent and impugning the honour of his nation.

The two would fight – and Aimee would be disarmed, in a quick, brutal and bloodless style. She never even realised how her entire training had been intended to make her easy to defeat.

Then the prince would push her down in the dirt of the duelling field, unbuckle his belt, and rape her in front of the nobility of both kingdoms.

If the diplomatic matter was very serious, he might even take her back to his castle and continue raping her for several days.

And at the end, Aimee would be returned to her parents, cum still leaking from her abused pussy, and the diplomatic incident would mysteriously vanish.

“I’ll get better,” Aimee would swear. “Next time, I’ll defeat our enemies. I want to be of value to our kingdom.”

And her father would smile, and say, “Oh, don’t worry, sweetie, you are”, as he thought of how just that morning a rich foreign prince had offered a very handsome sum for the chance to “duel” Aimee, and that such offers were becoming more common every day…


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