The church had discovered that prohibiting lesbian activity outright accomplished very little, so it changed its focus to harm minimisation. If lesbians couldn’t be stopped, they could at least be rechannelled into the service of good, heterosexual sex.

Teen girls were taught to lesbian kiss with their best friends – distinct from a normal kiss in that normal kisses connected lip-to-lip, but the kisses of lesbian sluts only connected tongue-to-tongue. A lesbian would only lock lips fully with another girl if passing her a mouthful of a man’s cum.

They were taught that lesbian sex was for men’s entertainment. It was polite to kiss other girls if a man was watching, whether they wanted to or not, and that if they couldn’t control their slutty pussies and absolutely needed to fuck a girl, that they should invite their male friends to be an audience.

It was a success all round. The girls in the church could be seen rubbing their tongues against each other at all hours while the boys and men watched, and those women who couldn’t control their slutty lesbian urges now had an outlet, allowing them to lez off together at only the small cost of letting a man masturbate and ejaculate over their writhing bodies…


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