The research was embarrassing, but it paid so well that Lia did it anyway. It was looking into society’s perceptions of women, and what it wanted her to do was change all her online and social media avatars and profile pics into a picture of her cunt, and leave them that way for two months. For the same period, she was to wear only short skirts below the waist, and no panties, and offer any man she met a look at her cunt within the first two sentences of talking to him.

She had thought she could last a couple of months, pick up the very generous paycheque and go back to her life. But unfortunately, the research ended up confirming its hypothesis – that Lia’s behaviour would cause people to stop seeing her as a full human with rights and instead view her primarily in terms of her pussy.

It was an outcome Lia learned the first time a group she had formerly thought of as her friends invited her out under false pretences so they could gang-rape her; and which continued as people who she had showed her cunt too no longer felt the need to ask to see it again, but would instead just flip up her skirt of their own initiative, or just pull it off altogether, leaving her nude from the waist down. People started openly calling her “the cunt”.

At the end of the two months, Lia changed her profile pics back, and stopped showing off her pussy, but she almost immediately noticed that people began interacting with her less and less. She got less comments on social media; people invited her to less events. When she did turn up, she was often ignored. People had gotten used to thinking of her as “the cunt”, and now that her cunt was hidden, they didn’t think much of her at all.

It only took another month for Lia to change back to images of her cunt online, and start posting a new picture of her pussy every day to generate further interest. Better to be thought of as life support for her fuckhole, she realised, than not be thought of at all…


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