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They were the three prettiest and bitchiest girls in the university, which is of course why he had abducted them.

He spoke to them over a PA system as they woke up, naked, in his dungeon. He told them he wouldn’t be raping them, or torturing them. All they would do would prove the effectiveness of his research.

His research, he explained, was on how sexual fetishes developed in the human brain. He had developed, he said, a method for creating new fetishes in a human brain, along with an almost overpowering fixation on them.

Already, while the girls had been awake, he said, he had given them a new fetish – they would now lust for sexually abusing other women. (He had done no such thing. While it was within his power to do so, it amused him to merely tell them that he had done so, and see how they would act.)

To escape from captivity, he told them, the girls needed to do only one thing. They must crawl over to the pile of large cardboard placards at the far end of the room, choose one, and put it face down in front of a girl who didn’t have a placard in front of her. He would then have the girls turn over the cards, and cause each girl to have an overpowering lifelong need for whatever was on the card in front of her. Three of the cards said “loving, respectful sex”. The other ten or so had more degrading, humiliating fetishes.

He told them that if they all chose to give each other fetishes for respectful sex, they would walk out of here with no further abuse from him. But if even one of them chose one of the other signs, then, in addition to gaining the fetish on the placard, they would all three be given the compulsion to have public naked lesbian sex with each other regularly in front of their friends, teachers, classmates, employers and family.

He reminded them that none of his conditioning would take away the shame they felt about their fantasies or actions.

With that said, he told the girls to start. Blushing, they each crawled on all fours to the pile of cards, looked through them, and brought one back, and placed it in front of a girl. Then they turned them over.

They were bitches through and through. Whether it was because they believed they now enjoyed the sexual abuse of other women, or just because they had assumed the other girls would betray them, each had chosen a degrading fantasy for another girl.

In front of Ariel, who was already a lesbian, who hated the idea of sex with men, pretty blonde Carisha had placed a card which says, “BEING RAPED BY MY MALE FRIENDS”. Ariel paled, and started to cry.

In front of Caprice, who was already uncomfortable with the way her father looked at her lithe young body, Ariel had placed a card that said, “FUCKING MY DADDY”. Caprice moaned unhappily, and tried to pretend that her pussy wasn’t already traitorously becoming wet.

And in front of Carisha, who was already halfway through a doctoral thesis on how women who got breast enhancements were gender-traitors who deserved to be raped, Caprice had placed a card that said, “BE A STUPID BIMBO SLUT WITH E-CUP TITS”.

There was a long pause as the girls looked at their new sexual fetishes, and then looked at the girls who had given them to them.

“Now,” their abductor said, “You can receive your conditioning for your new fetishes and go free. BUT, if anyone wants to go back to that pile and get ANOTHER degrading fetish and put it in front of one of your friends before I do that, you’re most welcome to. There is absolutely no requirement to do so. Is anyone interested?”

There was no verbal answer – only the scurrying of three bitches pushing at each other as they each crawled at top speed to be the first to further degrade another girl…


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