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Vice woke in the middle of the night to a low, slutty moaning.

His eyes snapped open, and in the purple light from the lake he could immediately see what was happening.  Laurel, naked, sitting propped against the remains of the captain’s chair, was masturbating.

Her eyes were closed.  She didn’t notice he was awake.  Her hand was between her spread legs, urgently rubbing her clit, a finger occasionally probing into her fuckhole. 

He looked around and spotted Telea, crouched guiltily against the far wall.  Her face was flushed, and she was holding what looked like a makeshift bowl made of scrap metal.

He jumped to his feet.  He was still dressed, wearing his boots, and he wasted no time in crossing to Laurel and kicking her hand away from her cunt – hard.

“You disgusting slut!” he yelled.

Laurel’s eyes shot open, and her face coloured with pain, shame and defiant anger.

Vice was operating on instinct.  He didn’t have a plan, but he sensed an opportunity here, and he was taking it.

“Look at you, fingering your pussy like a whore!” he roared.  “Apologise for being a disgusting masturbating slut, right now!”

Laurel’s mouth was hanging open, confused.

He shocked her.

“Now!” he roared.

“I’m…” she started, trying to find the words.  “I’m sorry I’m a disgusting masturbating slut.”  She looked like she might cry, and Vice found it intensely hot.  He felt his cock stiffening in his pants.

“Tell me you deserve to be kicked in the cunt,” he demanded.  “Like the slut you are.”

She looked up at him with big eyes, hoping for mercy.

He shocked her twice.

“I deserve to be – to be kicked in the cunt like the – the slut I am…” she stammered.

“Yes,” he said – and kicked her in the cunt.  Her body hunched over her sensitive pussy, and she mewled with pain.

He left his boot resting against her cunt, and looked at Telea.  “What happened?” he asked.

“I woke up to… relieve myself,” said Telea.  “And Laurel was thirsty.  She asked me for water.  I took a bowl and went down to the lake, and brought some back.  She drank most of it.  I had a little.  Then she started getting flushed, and rubbing her pussy.  I told her not to…”

Vice swore.  He hadn’t analysed the water yet.  There could be anything in it.  For starters, there was with whatever bioluminescent bacteria created the purple glowing effect.  And who knew what else?

“Rospar!” he said.

“Yes, captain?” asked the robot mildly, stepping into the shelter from the guard post he had left it at outside.  Its green eyes had been glowing steadily all night – it had no need of rest.

“Reprogram the Compliance Collars,” he said.  “Give the girls a shock if they try to touch their own cunts for any reason.”  He paused.  “Or if they try to cover their tits or pussies with their hands.”

“Yes, captain,” said Rospar.  A light flashed on both collars as they received new instructions.

“Why?” moaned Laurel.  He could tell now just how desperately aroused she was.  It was intoxicating to see her with so little self-control, and his cock got even harder.

“The Galliard don’t believe in women having control over their own sexuality,” said Vice.  “If they see you masturbating without being told to, they won’t believe you’re submissive.  It’s for your own good.”

Laurel groaned – and then, in a deeply humiliated voice, said, “Please…. may I masturbate?”

“No,” said Vice, shortly.  “Rospar, analyze the water.  Tell me what’s in it.”

Rospar walked out of the shelter, down to the beach, stood for a moment, then returned.

“The water is nourishing for humans to drink,” he stated.  “However, it is infested with bacterial life.  The bacteria appears to utilise reproductive material to propagate and survive.  When it finds its way into an animal, it puts the animal in heat and slightly inhibits its rational thought, in the hopes that it will lead to the animal being fertilized with sperm or similar substances.”

“Is it harmful?” asked Vice.

“Not beyond the effects I described,” said Rospar.  “I believe over time that humans would build up some resistance to the bacteria, as well – although it will likely always have some effect.”

“What about on men?” asked Vice.

“The same,” said Rospar.  “Though perhaps somewhat less usefully for the bacteria.”

“Can it be purified or filtered?” asked Vice.

“Yes,” said Rospar, “although the process is rather more involved than the standard filtration.  It will take me some time to print the necessary components, and even then without a power source we would only be able to filter a limited amount per day – perhaps enough for two humans.”

Vice thought for a moment, then nodded.  “Very well,” he said.  “In that case from now on the emergency water supply from the ship will be for my exclusive use.  You girls can drink the lake water.  When Rospar gets a filtration system going, that will be for me too.”

Laurel opened her mouth to protest, but Vice shocked her before she could.

“I need a clear head to lead this mission,” he said.  “You just need to do what you’re told.  It will be fine.  You’ll feel a bit horny, but you can’t touch your cunts now, so you’ll just be a bit distracted as you continue on with your normal tasks.”

He looked longingly at Laurel’s mouth.  He was horny.  He wanted to rape her face again.  But he had told her he wouldn’t until she asked for it – and he was still clear-headed enough to put of his immediate needs in favour of the delayed gratification of hearing the bitch beg to suck his cock.

He sat down against the shelter wall – then looked at Telea, and had another idea.

“Telea, come here,” he said, and watched as the cute topless blonde obediently crawled across the tent towards him.  When she neared him, he reached out and cuddled her against him, pushing her into a submissive posture where she was looking up at him.

“You’ve been a bad girl,” he said to her quietly.

“I’m sorry, sir,” she said, and he noted with approval that she hadn’t even asked him what she’d done wrong.

He took her hand, and casually laid it across his lap, where she could feel his erection.  “You were very foolish to give Laurel that water to drink without testing it,” he said.  “You endangered the mission.”

“I’m really sorry, sir!” she said.  She looked stricken that he might be unhappy with her.

He shook his head.  “Words are nice, but a girl who is really sorry makes up for it with actions,” he said.  And then, very deliberately, he opened his zipper and took out his cock.

Her eyes were drawn to it as if by magnets.

“Unfortunately,” he said.  “You’re a lesbian, and you’d never want to do what Laurel did to please me.  And anyway, I’d never take advantage of you, Telea.  You’re part of my crew.”

“I’m sorry,” she said again.

“I’m going to sleep now,” said Vice, and closed his eyes.

He waited.

A moment later, he felt Telea’s warm breath on his cock. 

He opened his eyes, and grabbed a handful of her hair.

“What are you doing?” he asked, harshly.

“I just want to apologise,” said Telea, looking up at him with her wide rabbit-eyes.

“I don’t want to take advantage of you, Telea,” he said.

“It’s okay, sir,” she said.  “I’m sorry I was so stupid about the water.  It’s my fault Laurel was being a slut.  I could have got us all killed.  Please let me apologise, sir.  I won’t be able to sleep if I don’t.”

He paused – then let go of her head.  “Very well,” he said.  And then sighed happily as he felt the pretty blonde take his cock into her mouth.

The experience was very different from raping Laurel’s face.  He didn’t thrust or pump.  He just sat there, drifting on the edge of sleep, as Telea suckled at his stiff cock.  She had clearly never given a blowjob before, but she was willing to experiment, and whenever she did something good, he rewarded her with a little moan and a pump of his hips, and whenever she got it wrong he would lightly slap her across the face with one hand, and soon she was delivering a very competent service to his dick. 

Eventually he felt his orgasm nearing – and when he did, he grabbed Telea’s hair and pulled her tight against his groin, forcing her to swallow his cum as he spurted it down her throat.  She squealed with a sound very much like pure ecstasy as she felt his sperm touch her tongue, and moaned sluttily into his ballsack.  He spurted his jizz into her inviting cocksleeve of a mouth, and then he kept her there, penis in her mouth, for long after he had finished ejaculating, until they both fell back asleep, his cock slowly softening on her tongue.


Vice woke up with his cock still in Telea’s mouth.  She had already awoken, and was suckling on his dick in a lazy, affectionate way, looking up at him with eyes full of naive adoration.  It occurred to him that last night may have been her first sexual experience of any sort.  He felt his cock stiffen at the thought that his molestation had taken her mouth-virginity.

But he had other uses for his cock this morning, so after enjoying her for a little while, he lifted her head out of his lap, and said, “Thank you, pet.  That’s very good, but that’s enough for this morning.”

She looked up at him with hurt eyes, but any upset feelings were assuaged when he passed her a ration bar.  “Here’s your good-girl food,” he said, being sure that Laurel – still sitting against the chair, and visibly awake – heard him clearly.

Laurel watched Telea eat the bar with barely-concealed envy.  She looked at Vice hopefully, but he ignored her, and certainly didn’t give her any food.

When Telea was done eating, Vice said, “Go and get some water in the bowl for you and Laurel.”

Laurel whimpered.  “Please, no,” she said.  “You can’t make us drink that.  Last night I couldn’t think straight.  It turned me into an animal.  There’s plenty of clean water….”

“The clean water won’t last forever,” said Vice.  “It doesn’t matter whether you’re an animal or a person because right now you’re not doing anything useful either way.  You can drink the lake water.”

“Can I have some food?” she asked, hopefully.

Vice ignored her.

Telea returned shortly with the water.  She took a big drink, but when she went to offer it to Laurel, Vice stopped her.  “She hasn’t had breakfast,” he said.  “And when she asks for breakfast, I want her to do it with a clear head.  I don’t want her saying that she didn’t mean it.”

“Can I have breakfast?” asked Laurel.

Vice ignored her.

Telea’s face was already starting to flush from the water, and her nipples were stiffening.  She was standing very close to Vice, almost pressing against him.  He felt his cock throb, and he knew that he had to do something with Telea or else temptation would get the better of him and he’d spend all day fucking the apparently-eager little slutbunny.

“Telea, your task today is to try and find more parts of the ship,” he said.  “Rospar will have a good guess as to where the other modules might be, and he’ll accompany you for protection and lifting.”

Telea looked at him – and looked down at his cock, still exposed.  “Can’t I…” she began.

He cut her off.  “Are you questioning me?” he asked sharply.

“No, sir,” she said.  Her cheeks were bright red, her tits looked flushed, and she was breathing heavily.

“If you’re a good girl, you’ll be rewarded,” he said.  “Rospar – you may give Telea permission to masturbate once today, for two minutes, if she shares a humiliating or embarrassing secret with you.  But not until after midday.”

“Yes, captain,” said Rospar.  “Please follow me, Telea.”

Pouting, the horny navigator followed the robot out of the camp.

“Well,” said Vice.  “I’d better get to work improving the camp.  I’ll come back in around lunchtime myself to see if you want anything.”  He made as if to leave the shelter.

“No!” blurted Laurel suddenly.  “Please… please can I be helpful?”

“I don’t know,” said Vice, looking at her naked big-titted body.  “Can you?”

She blushed, was silent for a moment, and then – “Can I please suck your cock, sir, and swallow your cum?”

“Because that’s all you’re good for?” prompted Vice.

“All I’m good for is sucking your cock, sir,” agreed Laurel.

“Good girl,” he said.  “Drink your water first.”  He passed her the bowl.

She unhappily swallowed several mouthfuls of the water.  When she was done, he stepped forward and plugged her mouth with his cock.

This time he was merciless.  Telea wasn’t around and he didn’t need to pretend that hurting and humiliating Laurel wasn’t fun for him.  Not only did he vigorously face-fuck her, but he kicked her in the cunt a couple of times for good measure while she sucked, and slapped her across the face a couple of times for fun, knowing that the collar wouldn’t let her bite down on him.  And rather than protest, she just kept getting more and more aroused as the water took hold, until on his third kick to her cunt he felt her spasm and twitch.

“You just orgasmed from having me kick you in the cunt,” he told her, enjoying the humiliated expression on her face, to make sure she knew he understood.  “You disgusting slut.”  And then he slapped her face, and ejaculated into her mouth.

She squealed when he came – the same sound of delighted pleasure that Telea had made before – and swallowed convulsively and desperately as he pumped sperm into the big-titted cumsocket’s mouth – and when he eventually pulled his cock out from between her lips, and saw her gazing up at him with rapt adoration, he finally understood. 

The bacteria in the water wanted cum – and when she procured it, they rewarded her.  Laurel was receiving a shot of pure, addictive endorphins from the bacteria for being a good cum-eater.

He laughed with delight, and put his cock back in his pants.

“Thank you for cumming in my mouth, sir,” said Laurel.  In response, he threw a ration bar at her and said, “Good bitch.”

“Please sir, may I masturbate?” she asked, as she felt the arousal from the water continuing to rise in her.

He ignored her, and stepped outside to begin the day’s work.


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