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Jessica and Tiana hated each other. They were both junior executives at the firm, in competing teams, and there was nothing they wanted more than to scratch each other’s eyes out. 

Finally their manager, Jason, decided he had had enough of their bitchy catfighting after the two women had a screaming match outside his office.

“Listen up,” he said. “I should fire you both for this behaviour.”

They hung their heads in shame, awaiting his next words quietly.

“But,” he said, “you’re both talented, and I’d hate to lose you both. In fact, I’m expected to be getting promoted in two months’ time, and there’ll be an opening for one of you to take my job.”

They were clearly interested now. Jessica bit her lip cutely. Tiana’s eyes flashed with ambition.

“So I’m offering you a choice,” he said. “But you have to decide together. Option one is I kick you both to the curb today. You pack up your desks and leave.”

“What’s option two?” asked Tiana.

“Option two is that we try to get you to be able to work together,” said Jason. “Both of you move into my apartment, starting tonight. Each night, you strip naked and bring each other to orgasm while I watch. With any luck, by the end of a month you’ll have fallen in love, or at least be able to get along with each other.”

Jessica’s mouth twisted in disgust. “That’s gross,” she objected. “You can’t ask us to do that.”

Tiana quickly stepped forward. “I’m willing to do it,” she said. “If Jessica finds it too hard for her, she can always just quit.”

“I didn’t say that,” said Jessica hurriedly. “It’s Tiana who can’t handle the tough assignments. I can do it.”

“Good,” said Jason, smiling broadly.

“And what if we don’t get along at the end of the month?” asked Tiana.

“Then we play ‘winner takes all’,” said Jason. “You see, you’re going to go off birth control and take fertility drugs all month. Between the drugs and living together, your menstrual cycles should sync up fairly quickly. Once you’re both ovulating at the same time, you’re going to fuck me. I’m only going to cum once, and only inside one of your pussies. You’ll have to compete to get me to cum in the other girl’s cunt.”

“And then?” asked Jessica. Her face was flushed, but whether from nerves or something else, Jason couldn’t tell.

“And then one of you quits work to have a baby, and works as a prostitute to pay her medical bills,” said Jason, “and the other gets a promotion.”

Tiana furrowed her brow. “You know, I can work this job while pregnant,” she objected.

“No, you can’t,” said Jason, “because you’re each going to sign a contract saying that if you get pregnant, any money you make in any job other than pornography or prostitution becomes my property.”

The women looked at each other. Even under these circumstances, they couldn’t contain their hate for each other.

“I’m in,” said Jessica.

“I’m in too,” said Tiana. “I am going to destroy her.”

“Excellent, girls,” said Jason. “And here are the contracts…”

The contracts, of course, didn’t specify that there would be a winner of the game. He intended to impregnate both girls, either by force or by squirting a little cum up their pussies on the night before the competition. And once they were pregnant, he would offer them the opportunity to stay on as his live-in fuckpets, if they didn’t want to whore themselves out during their pregnancy. 

And, of course, they would hatefuck each other every night for his sexual enjoyment.

It took the girls less than 10 seconds to sign the contracts. It would take them the rest of their lives to regret it…


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